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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Throw some mustard on it!

Evan made some Mortadella Smear (off of Saveur's top 100) this weekend. Honestly, it was only so-so. We kept trying to figure out "what it needed..." Finally, I came up with mustard! And okra pickles. :) Delish!

It turns out mustard was the magic topper for my two most recent outfits too (ha! yet another brilliant segue. I'm out doing myself, really.)

Saturday, when I hung out with the prospective graduate students - imparting my sage wisdom and whatnot - I wore this:

I was so ready to be a tour guide. I had my crossbody purse (open because I was in the process of trying to stuff it with throat lozenges and my water bottle).

I figured my boots would keep me warm and would be totes appropriate for hiking across campus. But the skirt and ridiculous amounts of tiered lace ruffles would kept me feeling pretty and girly.

But it was the the boiled wool JCrew sweater (scored off of a JCA) that was the clincher. It kept me so warm throughout the day. LOVE.

Tour Guide OOTD
Doki Geki tiered lace blouse sz S (thrifted $5)
JCrew Amber Grey Tivoli Boiled Wool Cardigan sz XS ($30)
Anthropologie Idra Whiz Bang skirt sz 0 (thrifted $6)
Katherine Leather Engineer Boots ($50)
Black tights
Metal heart locket necklace (50 cent vending machine, LOL)

Today's outfit

I bought this Antique Blooms Shell from Ann Taylor Loft a few weeks ago for 50% off + an extra 15% off teacher's discount (total $12.75! Sweeeet!). They only had this in a XSP (I would have prefered an XS) at my store. The color on the website is waaaay off. They call it antique, but this shell is pretty vibrant... It totally threw my camera colors out of whack. For another styling with this blouse check out Jean of Extra Petite who just wore it last week :)

I love how the large ruffle can just hang out over the top of a cardigan. I ended up wearing boots instead of pumps because I had to walk to lunch and I knew the day would be rainy...

Ruffle close-up!

Antique Shell OOTD
Ann Taylor Loft Antique Blooms Shell sz XSP ($12.75)
brown button-up wool skirt (thrifted $5)
H&M mustard yellow cardigan sz 6 ($20)
Grey sweater tights
Brown Franco Sarto knee-high boots ($25)
Braided orangey-tan leather belt (thrifted 99 cents)


Kimmie said...

Mustard is definitely the answer. I love everything about both of your looks! The ruffle top from LOFT and your JCrew boiled wool cardigan are lovely!

vintageglam1234 said...

Hello Lori. I love that victorian-inspired Doki Geki lace blouse - so pretty. I've never heard of that label before - where are they stocked?. The way you've styled it with the mustard, boots and printed skirt certainly tones down the girliness. I see a bit of a ruffle theme happening here, which is unusual (?) for you? Looking good though!

Anonymous said...

I am coveting your brown button-up wool skirt, not to mention your thrifting skill! You look so cute and lively with both of your outfits~


Melissa said...

Oh my just look SO amazing that I don't even know where to start! I love the white ruffled blouse and that skirt is fantastic. The pink blouse is such a great color on you and I desperately need a mustard cardigan!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I LOVE your tour guide outfit! It is functional yet girly yet not over-the-top frilly, you are fantastic!

emvee said...

Yummy, I am loving the ruffles!

Lori said...

@Kimmie IKR? tasty and fashionable :)

@Vintageglammz This is the first Doki Geki piece I have come across. From what I can tell, it seems to be a trendy-type juniors line sold at Nordstrom and Amazon? And, good observation on the ruffles! I actually hadn't thought about the fact that my wardrobe doesn't have a lot of ruffles (besides a few here and there on a cardigan or skirt). I guess I unintentionally bypassed that trend?

@frugalanthropologie Thanks Jin! I like this skirt too. I think it might actually be vintage, but I can't tell for sure. But I appreciate that it has a small waist and a-line shape :)

@Melissa thank you! you should definitely go out and get a mustard cardi ;) It was one of the colors I made an effort to incorporate into my wardrobe this past Fall, and it made me quite happy!

@Lisa thanks so much!

@emvee thanks! ooh! yummy ruffles, lol :)

thatdamngreendress said...

Wow!! I love both of these looks, but I am so, so in love with the first one- that cardigan, with that skirt, with that white top! and with the matching water bottle even...

gck said...

Lovely outfits! I have to tell you - after I saw all the awesome pieces you've gotten for such great prices at thrift stores, I've started looking, too! I love the idea of reusing instead of buying new (places like Old Navy are starting to really disturb me because of the amount of textile waste they must create), and getting a great deal just makes it better. Thanks for the inspiration!

GIrin said...

Those look adorable! super wide calf boots are hard to find! Will be checking them out, thanks

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