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Thursday, April 27, 2006

my radishes have sprouted!

really! They're such cute little sprouts too! I also bought some packets of sunflower seeds (teddy bear, and some reddish variety) to start sprouting for my mom. She's away this week, but she's been wanting sunflowers in her garden for her to snip during the summer to have beautiful flowers for the kitchen. For mother's day, we're going to be planting things in her garden so I figure I can start the sprouts now and transplant them on mother's day.

I've been a pretty busy bee updating the Bay Area Knitters ring. I FINALLY placed links to everyone's blog on the main page (man, 117 people! phew!). I then invited them all to be a member of the blog so that they could add posts about activities in the area. But Blogger only lets you invite each member individually, three people each time. So that was a bit slow too!

On the plus side, I enjoyed hopping around the ring and I found Celadon Cupcake inspired me to dress my dish soap:

This was a quick and dirty version I whipped up minutes before ervy came home. I plan to make my dish soap a couple outfits. I also think my mom and ervy's mom would enjoy one for mother's day. How adorable! It makes me smile every time I wash dishes :)

Look! I also finished up another long lostforgotten UFO! My Hooray for Me Gloves done up in that silvery/beige israeli yarn I found thrifting! I would have been done Tuesday night, but as I finished up the thumb gusset on the second glove I had an "OH CRAP!" moment. I was making a second left handed glove! Poop! So I had to rip it back and redo it. I tried to take multiple pictures to capture the cabling, but that darn flash just loves to wash it out! (Pssst.. can you tell what show is on in the back?)

I've been planning for more spinning too--lest you think I've just been knitting/sewing and neglecting poor Wally. Here are a couple bags of merino x locks lined up to get ready for a bath :) I saw this technique on a couple people's blogs recently, but I can't remember whom. I hadn't spent the time to maintain the lock structure before, but we'll see if that makes a difference.


Angela M said...

The dish soap apron is just too cute! And thanks for spending organizing the bayareaknitters blog. What a great resource. Since you spin, do you know of resources for spinners in the area? I'm a novice spinner(if I can call myself that). I know about the classes at Deep Purple Studio, but just too far for me (I live in Menlo Park). Are there classes or gatherings closer to the peninsula?

HoJo said...

The Hooray for me gloves are cute! Are you still sending invitations? I haven't gotten mine yet (she pouts).

K. said...

rocking the iron chef!

i'd love to hear how washing the locks that way works out. i usually just dump at random into a big tub!

CynCyn said...

very cute outfit. maybe the soap needs a dressy/formal outfit? the iron chef... i miss that show (no cable anymore)!

Angela M said...

Thanks for the info! I'll check out them out.

Abigail said...

Okay, feeling ditzy... I'm on the Bay Area Knitters web ring, but I didn't know there was a blog too. I can't figure out how to join it, though. Do you need to send me an invitation, or am I missing the link?

Cute gloves! Hooray for you indeed. :)

Suzie said...

I love the soap apron!!! And the gloves rock!

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