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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Back-to-work blues…

**Twang** Oh yeah, I got the back-to-work blues **oh yeah**. (How appropriate that it was country night on American Idol). Ya know—those deep sighs that come with having to step back into the real world after living a different life for a week. Our vacation ended with the erv and me getting back at midnight last night to find two needy (and a bit fat—or at least asha has gotten pretty tubular and popped her collar off due to a chubbier neck) kitties.

Evvie and I took Stanford’s Spring Break off to visit my Aunt and Uncle at their house on Lake Washington. We went to coffee shops (between my meetings at the U) and met up with our friend Henry at the Malay Hut near Microsoft’s campus. Despite all weather reports that said it would rain the whole week, every morning we woke up to a beautiful view of the sun on the lake. Evan managed to find the local 99 Ranch, and cooked up some delicious tendon and oxtail stew for all of us to enjoy.

The oxtail and tendon were superbly done, and they tasted much better than the fusion/pan-asian cuisine we had for lunch the first day of vacation at Chinoise when we went to Wallingford. I had a hankerin’ for sushi that day, but after heading toward the sushi restaurant, we decided to try the fusion restaurant next door.

The food was Vietnamese/Japanese.

Evan liked his curry, but I really found my noodle dish rather lacking. It did look pretty though:

Overall the trip was actually fairly busy during the week last week. But Sunday, evan and I kicked back and popped Spongebob Squarepants the movie into the dvd player. Much to our surprise and enjoyment, my uncle (quite a busy man these days) jetted upstairs to join us on the couch, as this movie has been on his netflix queue for a while as well. I found the movie really funny/weird. I can’t really see how children would have enjoyed it as much as adults, in fact, if I were a child, I think it would have confused and frightened me. As it was, I really enjoyed Spongebob’s references to public radio and weird hangovers.

Here’s a couple of pics I’ve been meaning to post from my travels over the past couple of months:

Evvie braving the cold cold Chicago weather:

The numbers pavilion in front of the math department in Columbus:

The fun/dorky café in the physics building in Seattle:


Delia said...

Welcome Back! When will you find out where you will be heading off for the PhD?

Kitty Kitty said...

Woho... You were here in Columbus! I must say the numbers have a soft spot for me. Since I was a student at OSU when they were installed. Everyone complained to no end about how silly they were.

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