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Friday, April 21, 2006



I'm so excited! Lynne emailed me and said there's an opening for May Colorswap. May's color is green, and I ADORE green!!!

Here's my colorswap questionnaire:

Are you crafty?
Hell yeah!

Would you enjoy things like: Buttons, ribbons and
Yes! I especially love ribbon and buttons... so I'd probably like whatever other embellishments come my way :)

Do you dye your own wool?

Do you like to scrapbook or make homemade cards?
I don't scrap book, but I sometimes make homemade cards. I never seem to like the special occasion cards you can buy in a store...

What are your favorite scents?
vanilla, clean laundry, gardenia

Do you like stationary and cards?
I love cute stationary. Having stationary has really come in handy since I've become a knit blogger. Sort of a wonderful self-perpetuating thing.

Do you like to sew or embroider items?
I sew . I tried to embroider wasn't pretty

Do you like beads?

What kind of candy do you like?
candy innovation! Candy I haven't tried before! But a safe bet is always chocolate--especially dark chocolate!

Do you like hand lotions or soaps?
I find I always have a surplus of scented lotions, but I love yummy smelling soaps

Do you like to wear costume jewelry? Necklace,
earrings, bracelets etc.
costume? I like jewelry... does that count?

Do you like to make/or use stitch markers?
I do both. One of the best parts is giving them to someone though...

Do you collect anything?
unfortunately, my dad gave me the 'collecting bug.' He always collected stamps and coins (still does) and tried to get me to do the same as a kid. So nowadays, I think about starting a collection of things (shot glasses, cookie jars, gravy boats, etc) but I find I just don't keep collecting

Do you have any allergies?: Smoke, food, fiber, pets,
not allergic to smoke, but I don't love the smell :)

Do you have any hobbies?
knitting, sewing, spinning, cooking/baking

Do you like scented or unscented candles?

Are you a fiber snob?
no. but I don't like the really scratchy acrylics. And I do love natural fibers

Do you like to play cards or board games?
yes! both!

Do you like neon colors, pastel, light or medium
ranges in the color of the month?
for green, I like either really vibrant I'm-gonna-knock-your-socks-off green or very earthy greens. But green is such a pretty color in general

Do you like kitchen magnets or key rings?
not particularly

Do you like picture frames?


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