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Monday, April 24, 2006


Click on the photo to go to the NY Times article. Business is paying to keep sheep covered... it's like a spinner's dream.

This weekend was Tony-The-Tiger-great. Friday night, the erv and I stayed home to watch the 1953 movie How to Marry a Millionaire with Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe. We learned a new phrase to say something is wonderful. They kept saying, "I think it's just CREAMY!"

We also opened up my new scrabble set (my old one was missing a few letters, and I picked up a new set at Target on sale for $7.50!). I lost to ervy :( but it's okay, I beat fufu and ervy Saturday night :). I also finished my lap blanket from weekend knitting.... I know, I know.. you're saying, "what lap blanket?" As well you should. I believe it was a little under a year ago that I was knitting this. See, it's here in this post. It's about time to start finishing up my UFOs.

I do have to admit, I started a Nautie. They're just so darn cute. This one is greenish for the May colorswap. I'm trying to use up some lionbrand homespun I bought when I first started knitting (I hate this stuff now, the yarn always seems to bunch around its binder thread as i'm knitting with it!)

Sunday ervy, fu, adam, and I went to the farmers market where I picked up some pretty baby artichokes so that I could make this delicious looking thing. We then headed over to Chef Liu's for lunch, but I veered over to the Mountain View Tea Village and Gallery to see if they had Blue Spring Oolong tea. I ended up walking out of there with some Ah Lee Peak Oolong. Ervy walked out with $30/oz 1965 Pu-erh, which by the way, was absolutely amazing.

The owner offered to have us try some new teas right there in the store. She sat us all down at their beautiful redwood trunk table and did a lovely tea serving of Drunken Princess Oolong and their amazing 1965 Pu-erh (as well as this Pu-chong mix they always keep warm for themselves from a mix of the pu-erh teas people have tasted along with some chrysanthemum flowers -- she said it was the way their master had taught them.) Goodness, it was so wonderful.


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