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Monday, April 10, 2006

it's that season again!

Every year, the spiders come in droves, and I start having nightmares about the darn crawlers. Last night I dreamt I went to yoga and while I was in some ridiculous pose, a hoard of spiders started swarming around me.

ok. but seriously, it's not just spider season. It's the season where I get the bug to start planting. This year, I've planted three tomato varieties: Oregon Spring (a short season tomato, so I should get some early tomatoes), Old German (a beautiful bicolor tomato), and Brandywine. Now you might be thinking, "gah lori! it's a bit early/cold still to be planting tomatoes, doncha know!" But to you, I say "phhhhhhhhhbtt!"
I don't know when I'm going to start moving away to grad school, and I want to get the possibility of tomaters in this season. Plus, I've got my wall-o-water. See:

I saw these at Wegman's last year, but by then I didn't need them. It's basically just some plastic tubes you fill with water that help retain the heat around the plant during the early season. Here's a pic of one of my tomatoes in the wall:

I've also decided this year I would try companion planting more. Hence the marigolds around my tomato plants. They're supposed to help ward off pests... we'll see how that goes. Apparently, mint and basil also are great companions to tomatoes, so those have now been added to a couple of the barrels.

I've also convinced my mom to let me plant a bunch of tomatoes, veggies, and herbs in her backyard this year. They get a TON of sun, and have a lot of space so I think it will be perfect, and a good way for me to plant other varieties in hopes of harvest. I'm planning on planting Stupice, Hawaiian Pineapple, Green Zebra, Early girl, and Marvel Stripe. I'll also probably do a big boy or better boy for them.

I found this photo on my camera. It's of an amazing chickpea stew. This was absolutely delicious, although I edited the recipe slightly and added the whole can of diced tomatoes (i think 28 oz... Cook's Illustrateds says Muir Glen is the best brand)and all of the chickpea broth. It was so tasty, economic, and would feed an army!

Here's evan's bro, Sean, and his Tufts girly (i can't remember her name) sitting down to our vegetarian dinner:


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