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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


despite yesterday's worries about hanging out with strangers, I had immense fun. Everyone was really cool, and we really did bond/get to know each other well. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even surprised myself being able to kick a soccer ball in the general direction I wanted it to go.

The people I work with are amazing, have amazing stories, and are such intelligent thoughtful people. I feel lucky and excited to get to work with them.

other fun activities included playing kerPLUNK

which brought me back to my preschool playing days.

We also played pictionary which was super fun, and by then we knew each other well enough to really heckle each other! :)

Also, we took the Myers-Briggs and unlike the other times I've taken it, most of us were introverts (go introverts go!).

we ended by going to dinner at Lavanda... we were cracking up because everyone ordered 2 desserts (except me, I ordered dessert + espresso) even though we were absolutel stuffed. Apparently the group has major sweettooths! I was delighted to see that we were all comfortable enough to actually split desserts off of each others' plates!

ok today I have to do all the crazy thick reading they assigned us for tomorrow. And I have to figure out this human subjects sh*t out without stressing my head off. geez.


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