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Thursday, April 29, 2004

stupid apartment peeps

the apartment manager left a note under our door to give us 6 days notice that they're coming into the apartment next tues and weds to show it off to perspective buyers....

but we're not moving for a couple months at least because of school... geez, it feels so weird to remember that where you're living really isn't YOUR home... no matter how much you settle in.

anyways, so we have to find someone to keep skeeter for a few days since we're not allowed to have pets (the manager actually said we could have them as long as he doesn't see them... so we still have to have someone take skeeter for a while).

We also have to fix the chip on the stovetop. Looking around on the internet tells me that fixing chips or refinishing stovetops is a big lame deal. normal appliance paint doesn't work because it's not heat resistance. indeed the stove top is actually coated in glass (i assume what people have meant is porcelain?) at the factory before it leaves it. some people have used auto engine paint, but the guy at ace hardware was vague and shifty about that option when i questioned him on the phone.

blah so much to do for my thesis and work, and now so much life stuffs. i could scream.


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