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Thursday, April 15, 2004

sigh of relief

oh my lovely computer! I almost lost you! the tense fear!!! ahh!!

ok nuff of that rubbish talk. here's the scoop. my laptop's power plug became positioned completely incorrectly (i found out later it actually came unsoldered from the board inside). so I could no longer power up my computer...which means i couldn't access my thesis work, or my work... you see where the fear lies.

so i thought ok. i have to fix this... let's unscrew the bottom of the laptop... well first of all, the screws were so tightly screwed in, that I unknowingly created a blister on my forefinger from abrasion on the screwdriver. the blister then was torn off (eww graphic i know...), it was at this point i noticed the wound and grabbed neosporin, a bandaid, and the aid of my evan.

you wanna see what had to happen to my baby? look at the pictures from this site... this is what we did
here's a pic from there (i didn't take my own pics.. i was too worried about my computer). This is what it looked like:

when we finally did get to the power plug and realized it was unsoldered, I decided it would be too dangerous for us to solder the connection back (there were too many other components I could have fried by chance near it... the space was very cramped)

my solution:
stick the power plug into its notch without resoldering it... super glue it to the top part of the case and tape it in position with a few strips of electrical tape... it seems sturdy.

and after putting it all back (well sort of... my page up button broke off the keyboard) my computer feels much happier and more responsive. The screen is happier, my sleep button works... a healthier laptop... or so it seems.

now i should learn from this and back all this stuff up (esp my thesis work). yes. indeed I should learn from this.


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