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Thursday, April 22, 2004

garden photos

went into my potted garden the other day to check up on all my plants.

I couldn't name everything in the picture, some of the plants are obscured by others, and I was just running out of text space, but I thought this would give a general idea of what I look out to on my balcony...

One of my sage plants in my herb pot... I think it's the tricolor sage. you can see it's yellow edging.

My bushy cilantro. This plant seems hardier than my other cilantro in my garden. It's stems are thicker, and just seems more wild.

My Meyer Lemon bush... you can see most of the blossoms have finished blossoming... i did make rounds with a toothpick trying to make sure they got pollinated... hopefully they'll all turn into tasty lemons!

my kaffir lime tree has these cool double leaves you can see in the picture. while out there, I discovered that the tree is developing flower buds! I'm excited, because i didn't expect it to flower for a couple of years. So I may get kaffir limes!

my zucchini plant... (it's gotten huge since I brought it home... well so have my tomatoes...)

my dainty little blueberry bush

trailing rosemary... should be a rapid grower... i hope it doesn't completely takeover the top of my herb pot... rosemary is interesting because it's the herb i see shaped most often. I found rosemary bushes at trader joe's shaped into circles and hearts... i gave a rosemary circle bush to minger just last week!

my tomatoe plants have also developed buds... you can see to small flower buds here at the bottom left of this photo

me in my garden.... i didn't smile because I feel retarded smiling in self-portraits....

ok that's it.


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