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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


ok so I just emailed the person in charge of human subjects protocol so that i could get a formal letter saying the protocol was accepted so that I could pick up my grant money for my thesis.

The woman wrote back that she had emailed my advisor THREE times with comments on my protocol, and that it HADN'T been accepted and I needed to reapply. Valerie never sent me those things!!! I've been working under the idea that I had HSP approval (although I sort of do since Val has blanket approval because of a grant... but i think I technically need this approval... especially for my grant money).

WTF?! I feel completely screwed over! I've been to the website, and my application says it ways "accepted" which I always took to mean approved which I now know is wrong apparently. I guess I thought they would put "denied" down on status should it be denied. I can't believe Val never told me this! I know she's busy, but this is freakin' important!

ahhh stress stress stress


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