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Monday, April 05, 2004


since being back, I've added to my balcony garden...

I now have:

1 kaffir lime tree
1 meyer lemon bush already sprouting lemons
2 tomato plants ( i can't remember the breeds off the top of my head)
1 zucchini plant (speed racer... meaning it should bear zucchini within 2 months)

3 different colors of sage
1 thyme plant
3 different types of mint (spearmint, curling leaf mint, and apple mint)
2 types of chives (garlic and normal)
3 basil plants - 2 types (both are sweet basil, but one is the normal big leaf the other is a bushy plant with tiny leaves)
1 trailing rosemary
1 cilantro
1 oregano (this one survived from last summer!)

so when i look for a new apartment, it has to have a nice sunny patio or garden to grow my lovely tasties.
We did look at this apartment that was in our price range that felt like owning an actual house. It had its own fenced in garden and was separate from the other apartments. unfortunately, we're not looking to move for another couple months, so it'll probably be sold by then.


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