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Thursday, April 01, 2004

last paris photos maybe

e sporting his international traveler shirt

me at the top of the eiffel tower freezing and blotchy...

a pic from the protest outside our hotel on the last day. A bunch of American ex-patriots protesting Bush and the war in Iraq

and for good measure... me being retarded...

for a few more photos, e posted some to his blog here
btw, the last photo on his blog looks like i have a really purple face... now i assure you, as much as i like makeup I didn't go all clown on y'all. our camera's settings hadn't been changed to adjust for the lighting conditions the night before, so the picture was originally all blue. e color adjusted in a photo program to bring the colors back, but my face was still purplish... ah that's ok, it looks kinda neat i think.


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