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Thursday, April 15, 2004

people a buzz

waiting for someone to show up in the psych office with a copy of spss...

so trying out the new amazon/google search engine A9

hmm... first off the bat, I'm too lazy to sign-in... plus, how will these searches feature into my amazon account? or will they be linked at all besides the looking inside books feature...

logging in shows a search history, probably from amazon (a misspelled "wustoff", spelling was never a strong suit for me) and the search bar remembers that I last searched for berber carpet (i wanted to know what the freak it looked like since some apartment was advertising that it had it).

honestly, i find the three column layout irritating to keep open... once the book results are closed and tabbed on the side with the search history I feel less cluttered. but then it's just a google search engine...

hmm.. in general... not that useful to me at this stage.


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