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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

piece of shit conversations

so my mom is giving me crap again. She asked again if e and i are serious (the question she asks everytime she's on the phone), and said, "you can't keep living together. you're living in sin."

wow persuasive argument mom, that's sure gonna make me wanna get married. Because being wary of falling into sin has been a guiding factor in my life /sarcasmo.

i told her that she must think i'm going to hell then. she immediately denied it and said, "oh no, i don't believe in that sort of thing." wtf! I ended up swearing saying, "then don't say shit like that about me living in sin" to which she promptly, and probably rightfully, hung up on me. At least this time it was warranted. She likes to hang up on me. She even hangs up on me when i'm physically present with her; if she disagrees with something I'm saying or asking she'll just shut off (her eyes glaze over in this snotty i'm-not-listening sort of way) and I know if I were on the phone, I would hear a 'click.'

I was already peeved because she called me demanding to know when i was going to take "MY DOG" as in the dog they bought during my senior year of high school. funny that even though my dad and brother really wanted the dog as well, and it was my last year living at the house, that Buddy should be solely MY dog. I love Buddy, but I wish my family would fucking take responsibility for shit too! And because I'm gone they let poor Buddy live in a freakin' sty. And they haven't been giving him his flea/tick/heart worm medicine even though i've chided them for it time and time again. (my dad's excuse for not having given it to him since god knows when: "we ran out and haven't gone by the Vet's office"... uhh for 4months?... the vet's office is right next to the gas station you fill up at Dad, I know you, and it's only 10 mins away from the house anyway, and you can have petmeds delivered to your door...) Goddamn if he has heartworms I don't know if I'll ever forgive them or myself.

god i wish i didn't have to get so frustrated talking to my mom, but everytime she calls she berates me about how embarrassing it is that i'm living with a guy i'm not married to and how I need to find a job/going to grad school now now now. She also loves to yell about how if she didn't feed the dog it would have been dead a long time ago (god she's such a freakin' saint)


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