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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

veteren's day

we don't get the day off. that's fine i guess, although i could really have used the sleep. i tried to get some reading done for thursday's emotion class, but i couldn't concentrate enough. i wish acrophobia were still around. too bad berkeley sold out. they had some majorly fun games. I do admit i enjoy text twist quite a bit, but still, it gets repetitive. You know today's been one of those rollercoaster days. I've gone up and down emotionally without much provocation.

to move away from things to personal to me (for comfort really)...
I became a member of xanga today. I didn't want to, and I don't believe I want three blogs. andrei says it's the asian blogger. I don't know about that, but i guess he would (silly romanian). I was looking up an old friend, but apparently she felt that her blog had become too personal (what i'd be afraid of with this as well) and had made all of her posts private. What I did see though, suggested that she's happy. Anyway, I had to become a member of xanga to comment on her blog.

in other news for the day, I FINALLY got my hapa survey up. I just need to send it out. The other girl I've been working with probably wants to kill me right now. but i couldn't get it uploaded without the psych administrator because the software i'm using has to go on the psych server. Funny enough, they don't trust me with the administrator password.

in other news, i lexus-nexused 'rachel ray fhm' to see what journalists might be thinking of the foodtv's little lady. well people thought that the spread was tastfully done. she really liked the photos of herself. She thought they were kitschy (sp?) and cool. interestingly enough, she has no formal training as a chef, she just makes what she has come up with at dinner. e says you can tell. i think that she should get props for getting as far as she did, even if i think that the fhm spread and burger king endorsement were in poor taste.


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