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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

sick day again

ok this time i made it into school - for 15 minutes. yes i drove in for my lovely tuesday morning stats quiz, and then i left. i didn't think i could take going until 10pm this evening.

driving to and from school was a little frightening actually. when i first started the car it had that condensation all over the windshield. i flipped on the wipers, but the crappy old things need to be replaced because it just smeared the water in half moons everywhere. with the water still on my windshield, i tried to go on el camino, only to have the sun bounce off every droplet on my windshield, making my vision to the outside world one very large bright white rectangle. i had to pull over and wait for the condensation to drip off in order to see other cars and people.

on my way back home, i completely missed my turn onto my street. so i thought, 'hey i'll just loop around the back.' but apparently pg&e was doing work on the other side of my street. there was no warnign but i turned into my street only to have a tractor advancing at me. well that was no good. where are the burly men in orange waving signs to tell me that i'll get run over by the machine if i turn down this way? i guess they just didn't expect traffic from my direction, retardos. so i got to park around the corner from the farthest end away from my apartment building. swell.

i guess things could be worse. i emailed my advisor to tell her i wouldn't make lab meeting tonight because i was ill. she said she's doing crappy herself as her laptop with her dissertation and all her quarter's work was stolen last week. she is now scrambling to try to collect the work she's been doing all over again.

npr had a bit with the survivors of jonestown. i didn't realize people had survived. today's the anniversary of the mass suicide. it was interesting to hear a little about jim jones. his son said that he was racist (at least sexually). high officials of the people's temple were apparently determined by who he slept with. he was afraid he wouldn't sexually measure up for black people, thus he didn't sleep with them and they didn't become high ranking officials in his order.


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