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Thursday, November 20, 2003

trying to identify the spiders outside my house

There are two very large scary spiders outside my house, and I was trying to identify them. Some woman in the psych dept came by and told me they're probably tan wood spiders.

In my investigation of spider species, I came across this spider finder. Take a look here to identify or just see some freaky looking spiders. Some freaky ones I ran across were the Jewel spider and I assume its relative a Four-spined jewel spider.

Also, talk about giving me the creeps! There's this 3rd grade classroom that collected spiders and fed them and housed them. I think my parents would freak. It's also a little freaky reading about how much these kids love watching their spiders inject things with venom.

i haven't found the spider yet. here's what it looks like

the picture is actually a composite of two pictures. one i used the flash, and the spider was whited out, but without the flash the photo was blurry because i couldn't hold the camera still enough. so i superimposed the blurry spider on the whited out spider. but you can get the general idea for the scary spider.


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