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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


ahh... nothing like a warm cup o' coffee and time to blog to help you relax in the morning, eh? I brought my own supersized dining hall mug thingy, so i get more coffee than the largest size cubberly offers, for the price of the smallest cup they sell. I don't even think i can drink all this coffee, but i'm getting a better deal. i'm so chinese.

i almost didn't make it here. it was difficult to get up this morning. the kids had the screen door open and the fan on, so leaving the bedroom was like jumping into an ice bath. my body nearly forced me to go back to my warm bed. damn kids and their need for freezing ass temperatures. damn stats and their tuesday morning quizzes. i wouldn't have had to come to school today were it not for that. my other class is cancelled due to thanksgiving. I'll be here till 10pm now (12 hours from now), so i might as well go to lab meeting even if i don't have to. it's ok, staying here is a better choice then going home to deal with whiny kids.

I got my hair cut! e and i found a supercuts near our house. we were looking for a brand name hair cutting chain (we didn't want to waste time at a hoity toity salon near school or menlo). as usual i flipped through a magazine as soon as i got there to find something to model my hair off of. I chose a funky styled asian chick from a l'oreal hair color ad. My haircutter's name was Homa; she's from Persia; maybe she likes long walks on the beach. Homa immediately tried to persuade me not to get it done so short. she asked me over and over and over again if I was sure. Hell if she's not sure about doing my hair short, i sure as hell wasn't going to trust her to do it. So she did it roughly shoulder length. she whispered to me "men don't like women with short hair. they love long hair." I explained that that was probably true for some men, but not all men (e was egging me on to go short). She said, "they're lying, they only like long hair." fine. so my hair isn't short short. but I like it. it's cute. it's layered and feathered. e says he likes it. apparently he could be lying. I've actually been turned into an anime character. I've got a few distinct hair strands that love to slip right in front of my left eye. kind of like this

but without the curl on the forehead and without the ears sticking up like that. Thanks Homa, now I'm a cute cartoon.

I went to the cardiology clinic yesterday. e reported a sad story on the way in to the clinic. apparently an old women was wheeling her husband out and then had to stop as she burst into tears. Her husband followed suit. One can guess as to the news they might have just received from the doctor.

after sitting around some very sad looking old people, i got whisked into a small room where two doctors told me i was going to live, and that when i experience chest pains, i should just move on with my life and forget about them. they also tried to persuade me to get off the pill since it puts me at a higher risk of blood clotting. which i don't necessarily believe applies to me. i'm invincible, didn't i tell you?

in other news, my friend fuson (aka "fufu") finally set up a blog. see it here.

in light of the new michael jackson scandal. Perhaps you'd be interested in reliving his changing face in society. quite amusing. Or you could just see what he has to say about it.


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