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Friday, November 21, 2003

e's bro and bro's gf are coming tonight

that means i have to clean, and do laundry and clear out space for their luggage etc etc. I thought they were coming in this morning, but apparently they're getting in this evening which means i'll probably make the trip to the airport with e. I hate airports.

update on my spideys: the spidey near the stairs retreats from his web and goes into the edge of the overhang during the day. In the evening, he's ready for food to come into his web. The spidey in the garage is always looking terrifying in the middle of his web. I have this weird fear and fascination with them. I also want to feed them. Maybe i'll try to catch some bugs to fling into their webs. I'm too lazy to go to the pet store for a couple crickets. I wish I could catch a fly and force it to fly into the web, but that seems unlikely. if i do feed it, i'll try to videotape it with my camera and post it here for all o' ya'lls morbid fascination.

I ran out of Law and order SVU season 1 discs. Now I have to rely on USA to keep my addiction up. I do have Better Luck Tomorrow which Ming says comes highly recommended by Bernie. I also have Grease, an old time favorite of mine that neither e nor ming have seen. I also picked up Steambath. Its synopsis from the GreenCine website goes as follows, "A televised play involving God as portrayed by an irascible steambath attendant who performs miracles and wrath while scrubbing and handing out towels. Starring Bill Bixby (of INCREDIBLE HULK fame) and Valerie Perrine -- and Jose Perez as the tricky, wise-cracking God." Sounds humorous enough, but looking briefly at the poor quality recording made me less anxious to watch it. Maybe I'll read it instead.

Yesterday I had a scare. I walked into emotion class, and my professor started talking about our grants. he said that the scores were distributed from 75 to 95 out of 100, and that there were several papers at the 75 level that he felt needed quite a bit more work, and really needed to be more polished for grant review. Being the incredible pessimist that I am, I just knew without having checked my email yet, that I had been one of those to receive a 75. I knew my paper was bad. I knew it needed more work. Oh God! So I stressed about it for the next hour and a half until break when I ran to the computer to check my grade. I actually got a 90. I was so relieved/elated that I really really wanted to hug someone (this is a very odd feeling, because I rarely want/like to hug people ever), but I don't know anyone in the class well enough to do that. Really, I am just amazed that I didn't get the 75. You know how sometimes you just know how you did? I really knew. I really thought I had the 75. I still have trouble believing I didn't. I had to check my grade again twice when I got home, just to be sure. I'm still in disbelief.


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