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Sunday, November 30, 2003

My resolutions

ok i realize it's not new year's yet, but if i wait, i'll forget these and i'll come up with some fake resolutions that i won't stick to anyways.

blah. so here goes:

1) "I will not diet." this resolution probably goes against at least half the nation's resolutions to diet. Honestly, although i have been feeling slightly pudgy lately, and people have been quite critical of my eating habits, I do not eat unhealthily. Most of the food e and i make are of quality ingredients, and we don't use excessive oil or anything. I may have my pitfalls (i'm a sucker for palmiers), but I like my pitfalls. And i don't believe i should have to give up these little things i love (especially because i am NOT FAT). in truth, the way i eat would be just fine if i moved once in a while. it's my sedentary lifestyle that makes me slightly pudgy. so i'm not giving up my food. last week i tried having my morning yogurt without my granola. Let me tell you, i was sad throughout the whole cup of yogurt! i was raised to enjoy food and to believe that good food is an integral part of life. I'm not giving that up. I will on the other hand, start moving more.

2) "I will not move this blog to livejournal" honestly, first it was just about not being one of the many many people who start a blog and then abandon it (how could i abandon my 1st blog?). I tried to compromise. I put links in my food lj to this blog when i updated. But now I've been told that it's just too much effort to click on hyperlinks. Well, fine then. I won't put links in, but I won't move this blog either. If it's too much work to even click on a hyperlink, then I don't need those people to read my blog. My blog is for me, and I'm not going to move it for the laziness of others.

so that's it.

on another note, I found out why tenecia put the large and quite cold shoulder on e and me. it turns out, apparently, when we lived in our apartment 1.5 yrs ago, we got too pda -ish. well, it's good to finally know, and i wish she had said something before she decided not to be our friend. again, in truth, i really don't care anymore.

I realized that due to all my homework this thanksgiving week, I missed the best and biggest shopping day of the year.

Boo! all the amazing sales were friday, and my small checkbook and i should have gone out to buy gifties for everyone on my xmas list. e could have saved 30-40 dollars on the scanner he bought yesterday had he bought it on friday. that's life i guess.

it's the end of the quarter, and as usual, i've got papers to write and exams to study for.


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