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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

death cab for cutie

yay death cab for cutie! It was a nice concert. I felt ill all the long trafficky way there though. And all through the opening band I thought my brains were boiling over and ready to spill out my ears, although e assured me he didn't see any dripping out. I didn't want to have to leave, because 1) I like dcfc 2)I wanted e to have a good time watching dcfc 3) we'd already paid for the tickets and I sure as hell wasn't going to waste the money.

after eating a large pile o' nachos and gulping down 4 advils, 1 excedrin, and a sprite, I felt better by the end of the concert. Plus I got a cute new dcfc shirt.

Being sick at the concert made me feel pretty tripped out. The whole scenario seemed surreal, with the flickering of the fake candelight in the chandeliers and the bunches of phoney hipsters surrounding me. Through my drudge of a mind, I could hear people at the next table having a thrilling intellectual conversation. "They have nachos here?!" exclaimed one girl. "Oh my GAWD, I LOVE nachos! If nachos were a man, I'd marry it." ok girl, keep your panties on.

e and I went to the concert wearing our dcfc shirts. only when I got there did I realize that although every 'hipster' there probably owned a dcfc shirt, none of them would dare to wear one to the concert. We probably stuck out as some incredibly uncool nonhipsters. Personally, I couldn't even understand why most of the people would go to this concert only to stare stonily at the musicians without moving a muscle. As if the music didn't move them at all. Why be so stark? In case you've missed my personal feelings on hipsters, go take a look at They take a nice tear into the lovely crowd.


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