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Saturday, November 22, 2003

blah day

I never knew there was anAmerican Ostrich Association, but it seems there's an organization for everything. I'm watching animal planet right now (I've missed watching nature videos) with a special on ostriches that is currently showing an ostrisch hatching (damn they're pretty ugly as babies right out of the shell, but after they dry off a bit, they're cute a fluffy). they look like this: . I also get to see their mating ritual. The narrator reports the mating dance saying, "the male approaches but she trots off again, she's such a tease."

I'm so tired. Maggie and Sean are visiting us now which makes the apartment feel a little too tiny for my liking. plus, they started watching lord of the rings fairly loudly this mornng and it woke me up, and then gave me restless nightmarish sleep. Also, Maggie was getting really frustrated that we kept asking them what they wanted to do today. Maggie said she didnt' know what there was to do around here but she wanted to do something "Californian." Well I'm Californian, and I am interested in seeing the Diane Arbus exhibit at SFMOMA. But that didn't excite them.
I also suggested going out to see Elephant, I know minger wants to see it again, and I thought sean has been more interested in film. I want to see it as well. there was also little interest from the kids.
Well those were this californian's suggestions, but as there was frustration at what to do (and a suggestion of seeing the golden gate bridge), I took a nap instead and let the crew wander off to go to a beach on this very very cold day (according to wheather .com it is 52 degrees F in Half moon bay, plus you have to remember the damn winds will freeze your ass even more). plus since they left around 3ish and the sun has been setting around 5ish, there wasn't much beach time to be had anyways.

Report on Steambath. Yes I watched the play yesterday. It was actually rather offensive (as in sexist and racist). I'm not sure if that was purposely conscious, but honestly it came off in poor taste. Anyway, I felt the storyline and dialogue dragged.
Overall I'd give it a C+.

Sean went out and bought us MARIOKART!. We spent much of the early afternoon playing it. This is good. now we don't need to steal adam's copy :). e and i did play Simpsons: hit & run borrowed from adam and paulie. We thought it would have been better in cartoon rendering (it's rendered like that one simpson's episode where homer enters that 3d universe). Also, while the box says it is capable of multiplayer, we couldn't figure out how to make that work. Plus, the game got repetitive.


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