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Thursday, February 26, 2004

went to goodwill

found an old retro skirt that I wanted to convert into a purse. I chopped off the bottom quarter of the skirt and made it into a saddlebag style purse and added a white felt cutout I made of a squirrel (I know, it barely resembles a squirrel, and i should have made it black like the squirrels around stanford, but oh well).

I sewed up the hem of the rest of the skirt, and now have a very retro (maybe too retro) skirt. It would look better as a mini skirt. I'll think about that though.

I also bought a corset I might adapt into clothes, and e found me this great little blue suede stationary holder that is already an adorable purse like thing, I just need to figure out how I want to make a strap for it.

I plan to stencil this weekend if I get all my project work done.

Fred died on Angel tonight. But I always thought she was too whiney. She came back as this cool blue haired/icy being. I'm thrilled to see next week's episode.


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