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Friday, February 27, 2004

bad day stenciling

i made a stenciled shirt!

I was highly aggravated after going into school today. I was supposed to meet with my advisor to talk about my work on honors. Well, she left for lunch, and said she'd be back in 20 min to discuss my paper. After an hour she still wasn't back. And this other woman came in and said she really needed to get on the computer I was doing my analysis on (her data was saved there). I told her I'd be off in 20 min when my advisor came back. After 20 min, my advisor still wasn't back, but i got off the computer in case the other woman came back (which I might add, she never did).

finally, my advisor came back, but she said she'd be back in a minute and went to go talk with some other grad students. After 45 more min, I went to go see if she was done. She was in an office laughing with about 4 other women, gossiping about how crazy another professor's class was (as in silly). Then she said to me, "sorry, this is just so much more fun than your paper" *ouch*

needless to say, I came home feeling pissed off and cranky. So I cleaned up my apartment a bit, and finally got around to cutting out my stencil of e. I cut it out and placed it over an old tank top and painted on fabric paint...


it's a dark blue stencil

i'm thinking about writing around the bottom hem of the shirt either 1) some bands e + i like, or 2) names i use for e sometimes (this might be a little too cutesy, but no one else will know...ahem... besides you guys of course)


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