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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

That midterm was a pisser

My comm 169 midterm sucked majorly. It was a take home exam, which meant it was largely dependent on rereading materials and quoting from them.

Understandably/annoyingly, there was a strict word count maximum of 700 words per question (each question was divided into at least 3 sections). This was a painfully difficult to keep to, and I found my self having to prune out 120 words out of my question 1 at 3 am this morning.

After printing out/finishing my stupid test, I had to face the mound of 8 loads of laundry that I had spent several hours doing yesterday. So until around 4 am-ish, I folded clothes so that I could get them off the bed. I did get to watch American Idol from last night (I recorded it because I was busy watching my midterm). Last night's performances were horrid by the way. Thankfully the judges saw that. It was painful to listen to the contestants (I was actually very surprised given that nearly all the contestants last week were AMAZING!). There was even a girl from Palo Alto on last night, who very poorly represented the town. I will not be watching tonight to see who won. No one should have won IMO. Take some people from last week please!!! I can't help but think that the producers somehow planned to have an amazing group the first week, and follow it up with a horrible week (just to hear the judges rag on the contestants).

Our new neighbors had sex the other night - very loudly. This struck me as odd, mainly because I have not been witness to cries of other peoples' passions before. I would have thought that in a dorm setting, I would have heard more people getting it on... but no, I guess I lived around very chaste students.

On another note, I'd really like to get to know our neighbors. They are younger than the other residents. I've always wanted to have good neighborly relations... maybe so i can go over and ask to borrow a cup of sugar or something neighborly like that.


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