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Friday, February 27, 2004

McDonald's and Asians

saw this on yellow world. Apparently McDonalds has a whole page on being Asian. The front page says,
" We're Asian and Pacific Islander Americans "living on the rim," where our diverse cultures and the everyday American lifestyle become one. We're hanging on to our great traditions while we move to the beat of the times. We honor our heritage - but we love being Americans. From high fashion to high tech, from Asian Pacific American hip hop to haute cuisine, we're weaving the threads of our culture into the fabric of everyday American life. Whether we're sipping green tea or enjoying a Big Mac® sandwich, we're helping make the magic mix called America become even richer. And McDonald's is right there with us, everyday!"

the whole page is very late '90's in its feel. I'm not actually that disturbed by this, although, I find it very weird that Mickey D's is suddenly claiming stake in Asian Americans.


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