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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

ooh new browser!

e should be excited about this, firebird got upgraded and changed into a firefox! . Of course this all happened after I downloaded firebird like a week ago! But I can't wait to download and use firefox, I really really like firebird, especially with the tab window feature. its main downfall for me so far is the fact that i need to download all the plug-ins as I go, since i'm still early in the firebird usage.

I've been feeling like a good little consumer lately. Resisting cute makeup and clothing has been hard. I fell hard for Benefit's Benetint cheek stain. But GOD IT'S DAMN PURTY! *burst into chorus* "I love it, I love it, I love it, and where it goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow!".

I also went into Nieman Marcus for the first time. It was such an intimidating experience. Honestly, even the building in the shopping center is elitist. It walls itself off from the common folk, only putting windows on the side meant for it's customers (ie, those who only park to walk into NM, not for any of the other silly mall stores). And when I went to pay for my new (and oh so wonderful, yay i love it) new Kiehl's lip balm in 30G (only $7.50 I might add), the Kiehl's lady kindly informed me that they do not take visa/mastercard, only AMEX, cash, or check. Boy did I feel low brow! I also felt bad because I didn't dress up for the occasion (don't you feel like you need to dress a little better when shopping? they treat you better I think), but I had just come from a long day of classes.

Oh and I bought the infamous Shu Uemura eye lash curler, because the lady at Sephora talked me out of getting the heated curler. But infamous shu leaves my eyelashes almost in the same state as before the shu. Oh shu, why have you failed me?!

Ack, but I still haven't gotten rid of my consumer itch (sounds gross when I put it that way, huh?). I've even got a list of make-up wants I've accumulated sitting on my 'desktop.' And since discovering Makeup Alley (thanks to Munkaya) and the Asian Beauty lj community, I feel much more excited and confident in my make up purchases, plus, I'm even thinking of engaging in a swap on MUA to try some new makeup and get rid of some stuff that doesn't really fit my skin tone.

I also recently wire wrapped a fossil that my grandmother bought me down in so cal. I wanted to make it into a pendant, and I'm quite excited about how it has turned out, I'll post pics of it soon, since I want to send a pic of it to my grandma.
[edit adding picture]

See my pain/love/excitement list:

Kiehl's Lip Balm in Golden Berry ~$7, Nieman Marcus (got it)
NARS lipstick in Dolce Vita - $22, Sephora
Neutrogena moistureshine lipgloss in Groovy
Try: Lorac Lip Polish in Beauty, $17.50 sephora
MAC eyeshadow in sushiflower
Sonia Kashuk face palette in Platinum -$10 target
Aveeno lotion
Aveeno oatmeal shave gel
Benefit Benetint - $26 Sephora (got it)
NARS blush in Orgasm ~$23 Sephora
NARS blush in Deep Throat~$23 Sephora
Maybe sonia kashuk illuminating stick – blushify $9 target
Urban Decay Cool Shimmer sticks – midnight cowboy (try it at sephora first) - $16
NARS laguna bronzing powder ~$26 sephora
Jergens shimmer lotion drugstores
Sonia Kashuk metal eyelash comb – target
Shu Uemura eyelash curler ~$16, Sephora (got it)
Sephora heated eyelash curler ~$15 Sephora
Hair stuff to try maybe
Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair - $20
KMS Hair Play Molding Paste - $13
Kusco-murphy ice wax $21 – keeps hair in place while keeping hair soft
Terax gloss -$16 shine serum not oil-based.
Tancho Stick -$15 Beauty collection apothecary – grippy matte texture, good before braids, and good for smoohing cowlicks.
Beyond The Zone -> Smooth Shot – Sally beauty supply


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