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Sunday, February 22, 2004

my second t-shirt surgery today

i stumbled across some t-shirt surgery sites today. My first surgery was on my AID's walk shirt that was way too large. I'm still working on getting it to a point I'm happy with, so I'll post a pic of that when it's ready.

I did put together a new death cab for cutie shirt from an old shirt I didn't like that much in the first place. I love the way it came out. The letters I used are adorable!

Wine party (x-posted to my munchies blog):
We had our first wine party today at Fu's place. We gifted our host a set of white and red wine glasses as well as a few flexible cutting boards (since vendetta took most of the others when she left). The wine theme was cabernet sauvignon. We eventually had 9 bottles of wine at the party which was way too much, even for tasting. We kept a booklet of the different wines tried with our comments in it. I would post which wines there were, but I left the book at fu's place.

There was actually much tension at the party for several reasons. 1. the food wasn't ready till around 9:30 or 10pm and people were starving. normally this might not be so bad, but fu's house isn't as stocked as ours, so people couldn't snack on anything after the cheeses (not really fu's fault, we did choose the recipe for dinner that took 3 hrs) 2. as we drank more, we lost more inhibitions and got testier 3. there was roommate tension among some of the people.

on the major plus side, the dinner was EXCELLENT. It was a variation on the pork stew with prunes soaked in brandy recipe from the Greatest Recipes book that my aunt and uncle sent us. Instead of cream and white wine for the stew, fu substituted (at ming's suggestion) red wine and double the amount of onions. The pork was tender and the whole stew was amazingly flavorful. I might try to post this variation recipe later.

on a negative side, all the sulfites in the wines gave me a major headache later in the night. in the future, we should try to keep it to five bottles of wine per party i think. Towards the end, people couldn't make great judgements about the wines (whether from drunkenness or an unclean palate).

  1. I tried to read my emotion pop culture book for class today. It's so cheesy/boring I find my mind wandering after each sentence. I thought I could be entertained laughing at the cheesiness, but now it seems like it might just waste my time. Either way, I have to get through the book very very quickly so I can write it up in the next week.

  2. I've been pretty stressed about my Comm 169 project. Our paper is due this Wednesday, and I'm still sort of clueless on what we're writing on/what our project justifications are for electricity help in Nepal.

  3. I don't know exactly how to make one of my friends feel better. I can tell how short he is getting with everyone/thing when he is stressed about his roomie situation, but I feel sort of unable to help out much besides offer refuge which is only a bandaid solution anyway.

  4. I tried Aveeno's face scrub today. It made my cheeks burst out in hives. Sadness. I hate wasting money. maybe e can use it. it makes me timid about trying the oatmeal lotion by aveeno that i just bought as well (although, I know my face is much more sensitive than the rest of my skin).

  5. In the stress of spilled wine, no food, and major tension, I tried to help fu with cooking the noodles and ended up sticking part of my hand in boiling water... don't ask. blah...

  6. e and i have been extra touchy with each other for some reason. we keep reading each other's tone incorrectly. no harm is ever meant though. I attribute it to stress.


  1. Costco had amazing candle sets for low prices. It made me sad I bought so many candles from ross that were more expensive and not as good, but oh so happy about the obtaining of the candle sets. I also bought a new ionic hair dryer from Conair. I forgot how full blow dried hair can get when it has layers. It's nice.

  2. I'm having lots of fun doing my t-shirt surgery. it's been so long since i got to get crafty.

  3. we bought frames. I can frame my magic washer print as soon as i make a matting :) score! and that frame in the hallway can go up when we put the replacement plexiglass in (we broke the real glass that came with the frame).

  4. i think i saw my fav actress from law and order svu on a food network show. (the lawyer : Alex. But her hair is a darker/redder blonde and her smile was larger than it ever was on svu)

  5. lots of clean laundry since the 7 loads the other day.

  6. honors research is coming along. and I'm finding some interesting results I may post later after I make my subject population a little more equal.

  7. the fly that was in my house (and resisted repeated magazine attacks) flew out the door as we left for the wine party...YES!!

  8. i'm whitening my teeth with crest white strips so i can conform to society's pressure for beautiful smiles. haha... expect whiter smiles in 11 days...

sorry for the uber-long listing... I had a lot of neg. venting i needed to get out, and then i wanted to remind myself of some positives to combat the negatives :)


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