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Thursday, February 26, 2004

tee hee

I made a present for someone. I mussed up a bit, but overall, I'm excited about it anyway. I can't post it here yet, because it might be seen, and i don't know how to lock blogger posts.

eventually I'll post pics of it....

i'm just giddy with anticipation...I love making people things!

sheesh, i'm so silly.

e was gone for soooo long this afternoon. he didn't get back from his field trip till 8pm. It's a good thing I wasn't stuck at school till then. Unfortunately, since i didn't go into school today, I gotta go in tomorrow to work on my honors stuffs.

i'm working my way through the emotions book: how to raise emotionally healthy children. It's filled with annecdotes that annoy me, and it's sort of irritating in its voice.

fu, minger, and i have come to the conclusion that there are no asian kids on the cover because asian parents are not concerned with their children's emotions. They just want us to do well in school and respect our elders. oh yeah, and we need to grow up to be doctors or lawyers (oops, i guess I failed that one ;) )

Actually the most irritating thing about this book is that it has no chapters, or at least, it doesn't read as though it has chapters. The sections all run together. This might seem small and insignificant, but honestly, I always mentally tell myself that I can take a break from reading "after the next chapter." so if i can't tell I've finished a chapter (well then I must be stupid... duh...) then I don't get my break. Truly, I can actually tell when a section ends, but because there is no physical space (a blank page, whatnot) between the chapters, my inclination is toward reading until i find one...
I guess that means I should finish the book soon.

k, back to reading with my majorly throbbing headache... here's some silly pictures I took for asiancuties' funny face theme


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