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Friday, September 16, 2005

knitting and diddy/martha

ok, yesterday's Martha was a weirdly amusing segment. Martha Stewart and Diddy (aka Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Sean "Puffy" Combs, etc) were on, and Martha was 'learning' how to rap. Diddy explained what "Cheddar," "Benjamins," "Ballin'," "Shorty," "Flossin'," meant to Martha and made her rap out his "All About the Benjamins" chorus... btw, why are the police called, "The Jake"? Fuson, do you want to field that question?

so I tried starting the fbs shawl yesterday on size 8's since my 7's are taken up... I think I need to restart this near some more experienced knitters. My lace knitting experience level is quite tiny. I'm horrid at reading charts... so when a chart reads o / o, do I yarn over then knit that stitch, then knit two other stitches together and then yarn over and knit? I seem to be confused and end up with either not enough stitches to finish what I think the chart should be, or too many stitches! poop. I won't give up, I just need to be around some other knitters while figuring this out.

So I will instead concentrate on something for Serenity (out in 14 days!!). I'm going to make the Jayne Cobb hat so that I can wear it to the movie. Here's a website with the pattern, and a nice long followup thread on Gotta get the yarn....


fishgirl182 said...

i keep seeing the hat on blogs and now i have to make one, too. i love firefly and can't wait for the movie. good luck with the fbs. it took a trip to my lys one day for me to finally figure out how patterns with yarnovers read. keep at it and i am sure your fbs will be lovely.

chris said...

I wish I had seen that episode of Martha...priceless. :) Wish I could offer some useful insight about the yarn-over deal, but I'm a loser *whoops* I mean, newbie at lace. I'm attempting Kiri, which all the other lace knitters claim is duck soup. Um, more like frog soup, for me. :-P


Anonymous said...

Did you learn how to do yarn overs from Stitch & Bitch? This explains how to do one. In Stitch & Bitch (and some other places) they tell you to "knit the next stitch" but what they really mean is "work the next stitch however the pattern calls for". So o / o would mean: yarn over, k2tog, yarn over. You don't need to knit a stitch after the yarn over.

I'm not sure if that's what you meant at all, but if it was I hope I helped.

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