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Thursday, September 29, 2005


so the realization that the first fellowship application of the 'season' is due this upcoming Monday has sent me into a tizzy

Since I'm going to be absent from the blog until at least Tuesday night (and I can't talk about/show y'all the wonderful shetland roving I picked up a last Saturday's farmer's market or my progress on my knitting projects), I seek to appease you all by revisiting the vintage pattern of the day. The upcoming pattern pictures are from McCall's Needlework, 1961

Today's vintage knitted pattern is a couple of neat knitted dresses. I particularly like the white one on the left. I think it could be fun to play with nowadays too!


Anonymous said...

Is the pattern still available for these? I know they are vintage but I really like them both. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori! I hope all went well with your fellowship application!

Thanks so much for the Adagio Tea certificate! I'm now hooked on their tea (my favorite out of the bunch I got is Wild Strawberry) and I really want to get that (I think it's called ingenuiTEA) teapot that you just place over your looks so nifty and convenient, especially for a dorm room. I gave out a bunch of those certificates to my friends and now they're looking forward to receiving their samples since they've tried some of mine.

Oh, and I also wanted to know...did you get the package I sent from Amazon? It's off of your wish list and I sent it that way without entering in your address since you had it all configured. Just curious... :)

Your Secret Pal

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