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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Journey through worlds

It's now been almost two weeks since we brought Budz out to WSU to begin his radiation treatment. The drive was crazy. It was supposed to take six hours, but with all the snow in the pass, the way out there took 7 hours and the way back took 8.5 hours!

The trip also felt incredibly surreal. The crazy weather patterns made the trip feel like we were passing through entirely different worlds.

The pass was snowy, and cars w/o chains were slipping and sliding out. But Budz had a great time running through the snow when we stopped at a rest stop.

When we came out of the pass, it was like we had entered some sort of warm, peaceful paradise. Or at least some sort of old western... The wind really brought out the tumbleweeds and dust storms!

Of course when we started getting closer to Pullman, WA (where WSU is), the snow was really coming down again.

Buddie was a trooper. He did well on the trip out there, and only got a bit anxious in the last half an hour. But, who knew he was so portable?! He was so good in the hotel room - he slept next to the bed in his little doggy bed!

We met with the vet who would be handling his radiation treatments, and the vet student in charge of taking care of Budz during his stay. The good news is that the CT scan showed no metastases in his chest or hind quarters. So he was cleared for radiation treatment. He's basically getting radiation treatment every weekday now.

I really REALLY miss him! I keep looking around for him, expecting to see him. And, I was getting really sad thinking about him out there, wondering where we were.

BUT, the vet student and vet have been amazing. They email me everyday with updates on Buddie. They even send me pictures! This morning, Emily (his vet student caretaker), sent me these pics. Apparently, Budz has been hanging out with all the students while not getting radiation. This picture of him sitting on a chair next to Emily cracked me up! Plus, he looks happy, so that makes me feel a little better.


Sammie said...

oh hai lori! Buddie looks like he is doing well and how awesome are those vet students for giving you daily updates and pictures! I hope you get to bring him home soon :)

vintageglam1234 said...

I'm glad to read that Budz is recovering well and that he is under great care. And yes, he does look pretty happy, doesn't he! It breaks my heart that you miss him so bad - hang in there Lori.

Jenn said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Buddie is going through such a rough patch. He does look happy in the last photos. The vet studnets seem to be taking really good care of him. I hope he gets better soon!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

My heart breaks for you being away from your pup, but thanks for sharing the pics, and he seems to be doing really well and is in good spirits, so that's great! When will you get to see him again?

LittleMissSeamstress said...

Oh sweet Buds, I knew he would made tons of friends there! It's really nice of those students there willing to do the good thing for Buds!
This post made me feel a bit better this morning after hearing all heartbreaking news about the earthquake in Japan...


Just Steph said...

Aw, Buddie looks like such a sweetie, thank you for sharing this touching story. I hope he has a complete and quick recovery.

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