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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loving a good book

I was never one of those people addicted to candy or fatty foods. But my impulse control fails when it comes to a good story. Once I engage in a story, I want to know more. As a child, I walked around with my nose in books (literally, I actually walked around with a book in front of my face, somehow I was able to avoid oncoming obstacles...).

My parents used to scold me for reading all the time. And I had to be forcibly extricated from the pages of whatever tale I was reading to do normal things like eat, sleep, go outside. Of course, even after my parents told me to go to sleep, I'd creep under the covers with a flash light so I could finish my book. (I guess that's how I got used to surviving on very little sleep...and how I developed really dark circles at 9 years of age).

It didn't matter the kind of book - fantasy, biographies, trashy teen novels, or great works of literary fiction - I consumed them all relentlessly.

I'm the same way with stories on television. I can't stand to have stories meted out, episode by episode, spaced weeks apart. That's why I love it when series hit DVD - or better yet, online distribution through Netflix or Hulu. Then I can watch a whole season unhindered while doing data analysis or created graphs.

And when a season has aired on TV, but hasn't made it to DVD or online, I search out synopses of the episodes (much to Ev's chagrin). I still get excited to watch the story unfold when the shows go online. I just get caught up in the story all over again.

Sadly, nowadays, I haven't found time to read many books. I read scientific articles (which on their own can be quite interesting stories). But someday, I do hope to bury myself back into some hardbound pages.

I actually picked up these two books for photo shoot props based on a photog tip from Little Girl Big Closet. Unlike Tara, who always looks gorgeous, warm, and contemplative with her photo props, I seem to mostly get goofy with mine. I'm apparently incapable of not being silly :/

This vintage book isn't even a story book. It's Esquire's Handbook for Hosts. It tells how one should throw a party, shin dig, hootenanny... what to have on hand, salads to make...

Stories OOTD Specs
Vintage black accordian pleated Woolworth's skirt ($4.80 thrifted) (now hemmed! woohoo!)
brown v-neck tee sz M
reddish braided belt (thrifted 99 cents)
tan BCBG cardigan sz S (thrifted)
H&M black leggings sz 6 ($10)
black lace necklace DIY
Franco Sarto boots ($15)
F21 polka dot flower pin ($1.50) (placed on a plastic headband)

I've told y'all about my drug of choice. How about you? What are you addicted to?

As an aside, I've been using Polyvore more as a tool to create outfits. I'm hoping to get my whole wardrobe loaded into Polyvore. And for those items I can't find online, I find a look-a-like to add to my sets. Here's the one for this outfit:


Just Steph said...

Love your outfit, the photos are excellent- the books were a clever idea- and you look fantastic. Well done!

I hope Buddie is doing well, it must be difficult being apart.


thatdamngreendress said...

I love Polyvore for that, recreating your closet- I can be a bit obsessive about it, trying to find item likenesses!! It's so enjoyable...

Love the tones here- especially with that great red belt, and the pleats! (also love the toast pillow!! cute!)

I can't stand to read and not know the ending in some way - I have to purposely peek at a certain point, otherwise I'll just skip through too quickly!!

Cindi said...

LOVE the outfit and this post. I kind of am not sure if I should tell you what I'm reading, but I'm reading The Art of Racing in the Rain. Not sure if you've heard about it but it's a story told from the perspective of a dog. Totally such a great read and heart warming and touching. I know what you're going through with Budz is tough but I think the book tells us all what extraordinary animals our dogs can be.

vintageglam1234 said...

I love this classic black and beige combo - one of my fave looks on you! The flower hair clip injects some lady-like charm - i love it Lori :-)
My drug of choice? at the moment it's blogging. Reading other people's blogs and writing my little own blog :-) I'm going to start reading again, starting with Lisa's (of COnfessions of a Call Centre Gal fame) novel, same title as her blog!
Those vintage style books are the perfect props for Tara's photography challenge - i can't wait to see what you've come up with!

Inkmark said...

I so love this color combination! My addiction to book is cured by coming to this country after which I became illiterate. Somehow language is a funny thing. With chinese, I am very sensitive the subtlety of the words and the beauty of how it flow. then with English, I cannot feel the same so it became solely relying on the plot for thrill.

Newfoundjoye said...

This was a very sophisticated palette. Love the choice of books you have there. While I'm the same way with books, but I must admit that I am also equally addicted to candy as well. (^.^)

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