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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wearing green and looking yellow...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And no, I'm not being racist against myself. But I looked through these pics, and my face is SO yellow. Not sure how the lighting worked that out. Although, my parents did always warn me that AZNs don't look good in green... but still, this looks extra wonky.

These pics also remind me how much make up could help me. My lips kinda just blend into my face here. I know lipstick helps, but it's hard for me to put something on that I know I'm going to have to think about reapplying, etc. I prefer to be low maintenance, but the lip-face blending here is pretty unacceptable. But I've never really found an all day lasting lipstick that doesn't rub off onto clothes or dry out my lips like crazy. Any tips?

In full disclosure, this was actually yesterday's outfit (although my friend Jeanny convinced me to wear green again today).

Have a great day everyone!

OOTD Specs
Grey dress (thrifted $8)
Banana Republic green button-up shirt sz XS ($10)
H&M black leggings sz 6 ($10)
Lands End Duck Boots ($19)
Buffalo check belt used as neck tie


tm said...

i don't wear makeup often, but i like benetint and posietint. clinique's almost lipstick is nice, too. but most of the time, i just wear chapstik or my drugstore lipstick of choice, revlon's "champagne on ice" (very sheer, shimmery pinky-beige). :P

Kathleen said...

I have the exact same issue with my lips. I put on my full face of makeup and then get annoyed when my lipstick rubs off after a few hours and I forget to reapply it. I recently got some Stila lip stain which stays on a decently long time, but I have to apply chapstick over it or else my lips get crazy dry.

I like this pop of green. Very subtle. I was so tempted to wear my Secret Treasure dress in green this week but decided it might be a bit much! LOL

Kimmie said...

I'm not really a makeup person, but since I've started blogging I've been learning a little bit more about it. I've found that tinted lip glosses work best for me. I don't like the look of lipstick and I've found that lip gloss/tinted lip balms work well.

Inkmark said...

I kind of like the nude lip look on you. I don't wear much make up but I think you can go around the cosmetic counter on each brand at department store and ask if they have any recommendations. Maybe they will even give you a sample for it.

thatdamngreendress said...

Super cute!! I love the green with the checkered bow too!

vintageglam1234 said...

I agree with some of the comments here - try a lip stain or liptint if you want to add a bit of colour to your lips (and great for cheeks too!) without going too high maintenance. I also find a light pink coloured gloss helps too - the beauty is that you just swipe it on, no need to check the mirror :-) Anyway, i think you look fine, and not as yellow as you may think.

aki! said...

Apparently the entire issue with wearing green or whatnot is your undertone? Some colors I wear make me look green. Ack.

I wanted to let you know too that I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award!

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