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Monday, March 14, 2011

A cat, some ducks, no pup!

I'm half-way there! Half way through my time without Buddie! The vet emailed today and told us his treatment will be finished by next Friday (the 25th!). The vet also mentioned that Buddie is starting to experience some of the side effects of the radiation treatment :( It will be worse by the time we pick him up, and should last for a couple weeks afterward.

I have a whole slew of OOTD photos for the blog. Hopefully, I'll get to posting them. Such a backlog!! And taking pics w/o chance of Buddie photo-bomb is a very sad state of affairs. So I nabbed Tungsten for a few pics yesterday.

This little/big fella has been a good night time snuggler lately. Maybe he senses I'm extra needy of furry friend companionship these days.

I'm extra silly in these pics because the hubby was actually around to take them...
wait, what's that? you say I'm silly all the time? naaaaaah....

Did I mention my husband knows parts of the dance from Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'? Yah, I have no idea how the dance goes. The pic above is me pretending I know how to dance to the song (the song was playing when Ev was taking the pics!)

Now meet my new ducks:

Saturday, I spotted these when was making some Lands End Canvas returns (I love that they have no time limit on returns. It makes it so much less stressful knowing I can do the returns when I get the chance!).

I was way jealous of my hubby's expensive Sorel's earlier this winter, but I didn't want to shell out more money for rain boots when I have my Hunters which I love. I had eyed the ones on LE Canvas, but even though they were cheaper than Sorels, I didn't want to shell out $70. But in store, these had been slightly discounted, and they were now on 50% off clearance. Plus, they had a 25% off all Lands End purchases promotion going on. That made these ducks ring up at less than $20 including tax! (online they're still full price! I guess that's the benefit of shopping in store, which I almost never do! They have them available in a green, chocolate, and navy rubber version)

I like them a lot! It's been super rainy in Seattle, so it's perfect to test these out. My feet have stayed dry! I expect Seattle weather will allow me plenty more wears out of these ducks this season.

These are warmer than my Hunter boots. The upper is leather and supposedly lined inside somewhat (I can't actually tell whether they actually are lined or if that's just the back of the leather. Either way, they are not as thickly lined as hubby's Sorels). The soles are super padded and extra comfy! They don't have half sizes, so I'm wearing a size 8 (I usually run an 8-8.5 in boots). The opening is a bit snug unless you loosen the laces a bunch. I definitely have to use the pull loop on the back to get them on, but they fit perfectly once my feet are in there.

Overall, for the price I paid, I'm really happy with them. We'll see how they hold up. These are a bit comfier to wear with skirts than my Hunter boots, as they don't bend while I'm sitting at my desk, etc.

Duck Boot Intro OOTD specs
Ralph by Ralph Lauren striped sweater sz P (thrifted $5)
Gap Shirred Blouse sz XS ($8)
Gap wool camel skirt sz 4 (thrifted $6)
grey sweater tights
Charlotte Russe feather headband ($5)
Lands End Duck boots ($19.80)


Sammie said...

Lori, you always look so happy in your pictures :D I am happy to hear that you'll be reunited with Buddie soon.

vintageglammz said...

I love your feather headband - it's really pretty without overdoing it.
You are so cute and funny dancing to Katy Perry - I wouldn't expect anything less from you!
Glad your gorgeous kitty cat is there to keep you company while Budz is in treatment.

Cindi said...

Awww you're so cute with your kitty. I read your updates about Budz and I hope he's doing ok. I can't wait to see more pics of him. Isn't it so weird how animals just know when you're feeling a little down? I love them so much!

thatdamngreendress said...

love the sporty stripes with the tan skirt (and then the feather detail is perfect fun...I bet poor kitty misses budz too!

Melissa said...

I am SO glad you're able to get the treatment your puppy needs. It's an awful feeling when you know there's a treatment available but you just can't afford it, so I'm grateful that this treatment is one you can do.

And I'm pretty positive the kitten can sense the sadness! Animals are great like that. :)

You are absolutely adorable in your stripes and skirt, by the way. And I LOVE that headband!!!

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Kimmie said...

Your kitty is too cute! I love the feather head band and your new ducks are awesome. I'll have to check out Land's End Canvas. I'm all about deals and steals :)

Jamie said...

Those duck boots are adorable! And I love the feathered headband. I have one from LOFT that I love, but somehow it has become de-feathered.

I hope Budz gets to come home soon! My BF's dog has been barging into pictures lately. But he's cuter than I am, and always photogenic, so I don't mind!

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