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Thursday, November 11, 2010

playing with my forest friends OOTD

I'm currently nomming on some kimchee fried rice with duck egg. Thanks to VintageGlammz for inspiring me with her fried rice recipe (which reminded me I had chinese sausage AND bacon in the fridge). :)

Continuing with my week of wearing purple in recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to pull out another fine-wale corduroy outfit - the Southward Stop Shirtdress!

Adding to the dress' woodland creatures theme (and to keep me warm), I layered a long-sleeved shirt with owls on it underneath the dress. So now I'm wearing deer, finches, AND owls. The addition of the faux fur collar wasn't an intentional nod to the woodland creatures - that's a little too dark and ironically sad for me. I just thought it would keep me warm and go well with the jacket.

Instead of boots to keep my legs warm, I went with these pretty bordeaux coloured sueded tights by Hue and some soft brown leg warmers. This is my first time wearing leg warmers in forever. I hoped they wouldn't give my outfit too much of an 80's feel.

I think I escaped okay since I don't feel like doing jazzercise or anything :) You know that's how I worked it in the 80's. See:

Dang for some reason I thought I recalled wearing legwarmers in this pic. Oh well, you can tell I was serious about my exercise habits.

OOTD Specs
Maeve's Southward Stop Shirtdress Anthropologie sz 2
(ebay $75)
Grey long-sleeved shirt with owls by Realitee sz L (thrifted $4)
Bebe Mini Studded Shrunken Moto Jacket sz XS (NWT Ebay $20)
Hue bordeaux sueded tights (Ebay $6.50)
brown leg warmers ($3)
Brown Kenneth Cole Reaction Mary Jane shoes ($20)
H&M faux fur collar ($15 plus 20% off = $12)


Tiffany Jen said...

mmm. kimchi friend rice and duck egg. sounds delish! also... luurve your outfit especially that dress!

Matt said...

I love the forest theme!! Super cute and fun! I also really like those shoes too! And its totally not too '80's,of course, not that there's anything wrong with being too '80s! ;) And the food sounds wonderful! (Ugh, I haven't had dinner yet, now I'm hungry!) :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally obsessed with your skirt. It's so lovely!

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Cindi said...

Kimchee fried rice and duck egg??? I've never tried it with a duck egg before...but now I must!!
Love the southward on you. Do you have any wrinkling issues with it? The butt area on mine always gets so peeve!

Laura said...


I love how you layered the thermal shirt under the Southward Stop. You and Key are styling in your dresses today. It's an epidemic.

I think I have been following you on blog rounds today.

What a cute photo of you. I was in my 30's in the 80's. We wore leg warmers as accessories, not just for working out. So you are making a fashion statement that I perfectly recall.

I loved it then, and I love it on you now!

Jess said...

Hi Lori! I think the leg warmers are a cute touch since they are not pulled all the way up your legs. I love that dress and how you styled it! Good for you to find one on ebay for such a great price :)

shelia said...

loving the anthro thrift finds. good for you!! also, i think it's hilarious that you are wearing fur on top of the animals. you're keeping them warm too...

Mandy said...

Such a cute styling of the Southward Stop! I absolutely LOVE how you layered a long sleeve under your dress ... forgive me if I must copy you (I have an old navy henley from A&E that I must try)! Adorable as always, and thank you for some much needed inspiration, gal!

Jessica said...

Great layering with that dress! And what a find on ebay!

vintageglam1234 said...

LOL! glad i reminded you that you have the meat in your fridge! that's what blogger friends are for:-) ive never had kimchee fried rice with duck a total wuss when it come to odd food combos like that unfortunately!
I don't know which Lori is cuter - the one in the Southward Stop or the younger one in the ballet outfit...hmmm that's a tough one! it's a tie!

LilMissSeamstress said...

I love this outfit Lori! A LOT!!!
You look very edgy with that fur and a fitted jacket, but them without them it's another look I feel. Soft and warm~
You look great!


Mich said...

I love the leather jacket paired with the fur. It's such a neat mix of tough and ladylike with that dress.

Kristen said...

Love that you layered more animals underneath. I love the color of the tights. I really need to liven up my tights with some color.

Lori said...

@Cindi I tend to get a lot of wrinkle issues in the lap area from sitting, but I haven't noticed the backside? But, then I also don't look that much at my backside :) the front is much more apparent to me.

@vintageglammz if you like kimchee, I'll bet that you'd like kimchee in your fried rice. It's pretty amazing. The duck egg is just richer than a normal egg I promise :)

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