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Saturday, November 20, 2010

End of the week hurrah OOTDs

Hooray for end of the week! My silly poses continued, and I realized that the poses made me really cheerful. It's incredibly hard to smile and act silly and NOT get happy (at least for me).

Cindi once asked me how I look so relaxed in pics. 1) lol, I don't think I always look so relaxed, but I'm glad it appears that way. And, 2) I suspect my laid back demeanor is due to my goofiness. I honestly laugh at myself A LOT during photo-taking, and it probably helps me relax.

It's embodied cognition in action. Researchers have shown that smiling or even doing tasks that make you smile (like holding a pencil between your teeth) make you rate see things more positively. So my OOTD pic taking is very functional for me - smiling and acting silly gives me a more positive perspective on life!

Wednesday OOTD

And you can see I really took advantage of embodied cognition at the end of the week.

The On-a-wing blouse is the first top I ever bought from Anthro. I saw it in the catalog, but couldn't afford to pay full price. And one day, I went into Anthro and they had a size 6 on the sales rack! It was missing some buttons (probably due to all the frustrated shoppers having to button and unbutton all its buttons), so I also got a damage discount.

But the employees were also able to find buttons that had fallen on the floors of the dressing rooms, so I just sewed those on when I got home. Voilá! I actually love the buttons down the side, and I don't have difficulty with them. I also love the delicate stitched navy feathers and airy pink voluminous fabric. Of course a feminine pink top such as this paired nicely with a more masculine olive green blazer! They balance each other out.

And this is how I stayed warm. Seattle is getting cold!!! Next week we'll dip into the 20s. Except, I'll be in the Bay Area hanging with my fam. :)

Wednesday OOTD
On-A-Wing Blouse Anthropologie sz 6
($63 - sale and damaged discount from loose buttons + $50 gc from my MIL!!)
Gap olive blazer sz 0 (thrifted $8)
Lisa Skinny Jeans by Fire Jeans sz 5 (thrifted $7)
Navy Hunter Wellington boots ($40 at Costco 2009)
Grey scarf ($10)
2009 Club Monaco pink elbow-length cashmere gloves (gifted - Thanks Oliver!!)

Thursday OOTD

Thursday I stayed at home to finish up extra analyses and slide progression on my presentation. I only popped on some sneaks when I went out to pick up the dry cleaning and buy Budz more food. Otherwise, these were kickin' it at home clothes :)

Thursday OOTD Specs
Madknits red & white striped tee sz S
(thrifted $5)
Anthropologie embroidered cardigan by Snak sz S ($0 after ebay snafu)
Guess Jeans sz 27 (thrifted $10)
Merrell sneakers ($20)

Friday OOTD

And here I am, at the end of the week, after finishing my presentation. It really was quite gratifying sharing my research with the broader area. Look at the elation!

I realize looking at the pics, that this looks A LOT like my Wed outfit. But the only thing consistent between the two is the blazer! I think it's because the skinny jeans on Wednesday photograph so dark they look black rather than deep indigo.

I really don't have enough black shoes. There weren't many options to wear with these black slacks. I didn't want to wear heels while presenting. And the huge black boots I just bought aren't professional enough to present in. These bow shoes have only the smallest of wedges. I tried to pretend they weren't peep-toe by wearing black socks. um. yah. I'm totes sneaky like that.

Tungsten photo bombed my pic this time. I had just gotten home, and he was pretty insistent on knowing why I wasn't feeding him, like right then!

Here's a close-up of the button-up. I love it because it's got a different neckline than typical button-ups and the pleating gives it visual interest. But, the color scheme still keeps it looking fairly mainstream and professional. Plus, it is SO soft and smooth.

Friday OOTD Specs

Gap olive blazer sz 0 (thrifted $8)
BCBGMAXAZARIA pleated blue striped button-up sz S (thrifted $10)
The Limited Drew Fit black slacks sz 6 (thrifted $5)
Calvin Klein black belt
Black bow CL by Chinese Laundry flat/low wedges (thrifted $5.99)


vintageglam1234 said...

Lori, your poses and fun facial expressions crack me up all the time! whenever i get my OOTD pics taken, i'm as stiff as a surfboard :-)
You look all rugged up in the first outfit, and glad you got a discount on the blouse.
Your Thursday OOTD is seriously too-cool-for-school and looks ultra comfy to bum around home in. I love those bow wedges! I thought there were closed toe at first - how cheeky are you...

vintageglam1234 said...

erm, Lori did you change the commenting section of your blog? I LOVE IT!!

Laura said...


Did you change the commenting section for me? Thank you! Now I can see all the images as well as read your descriptions and not have to rely on my faulty memory.

Wed OOTD - Surprising mix of colors. different, but I am loving it. Almost a muted holiday color palette. Was this also your very first Anthro piece? I love how you took the Blue from the On The Wings Blouse and translated it to your boots. Wonderful outfit!

Thurs OOTD - Ha-ha! I like your Kickin' It At Home Oufit. Fun pattern mix. You make Stripes and florals look easy to mix. Is there a secret to getting this pattern mix to work? Or is it more try, try again like I have to do?

Friday - This is low key for you, but perfect for winding down a tough week. Thanks for the invisible peep toe trick. Very clever girl.

Collette Osuna said...

I LOVE all your outfits...LOVE stripes!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

One of my coworkers told me the same thing regarding smiling. She said that, regardless of how she is actually feeling, she walks into the office every morning with a smile on her face, and tends that it raises both her mood and the mood of those around her. I'm going to try it (though I'm usually late, which means I have an anxious scowl on my face instead of a smile...)

But onto your amazing outfit: I really like how you used the more masculine blazer to counter the "flowiness" of the On-a-wing blouse. I also like the way that your wore your Ebay snafu cardigan over the lightweight striped sweater. I almost never thing to layer sweaters over/under other sweaters. And the neckline of your BCBG blouse is indeed gorgeous. I have a white BCBG blouse and the fabric is similarly soft. It's one of my favorite blouses of all time.

Jess said...

Hi Lori! The on-a-wing blouse is such a fantastic piece, and I think how you paired it with the blazer is a great touch. You really do look so comfortable in your photos, I need to practice that I think, so major kudos to you!

Mandy said...

I love all of your outfits, as usual! I'm especially enamoured with that olive green blazer that you thrifted - what a find!! And that Snak cardigan makes another appearance! LOVE IT! You bring so much personality into your pictures too - just wonderful and a joy to view! :)

Meagan said...

I love that anthro top! It always feels great to get a good bargain like that, especially when you have a gift card to boot!

Peggy said...

Lori, love the outfits, especially the red stripe tee and cardi with the cool Merrill shoes! And I love the chair in your pics- did you thrift it? I'm on the lookout for one!

littlemissfanciepants said...

All three outfits are great! I especially love On-A-Wing blouse. I wanted it so badly, but no luck - I could never find my size on sale. Boo hoo. It looks fantastic paired with that AMAZING Gap blazer for $8. So jealous! ~ Susan

aki! said...

Love your Wednesday outfit. I just recently got into fashion and I'm not too sure about how to dress well in the cold weather. You've given me great ideas with layering shirts, blazers and scarves!

I totally love that picture of you looking into the upper left corner like you're scared of something. It makes me wonder what's over there...

Stay warm!

Matt said...

I love these outfits, and your poses really are inspiring!! Thursday is really fun, and the button-down from Friday rocks!! That's an awesome find!! And I think I need to try some "embodied cognition" (I'm thinking about trying to go out and about soon'ish)! Ugh, I'm getting caught up on blogs again, but I've really appreciated your comments on my blog a lot, even though I'm even behind on my replies there too! :)

Lori said...

@vintageglammz No you are not as stiff as a surfboard! I love your pics! You always look effortless and romantic! and I did change the commenting section!

@Laura yes! you totes inspired the commenting change. I didn't even realize I could change the formatting. You inspired me to look at the options :) I think my very first anthro piece was a tank that my hubby bought me for our anniversary, but it's too big for me now so I can't even wear it. :( No secret to pattern mixing for me. I still don't get pattern mixing right most of the time. I just like to play with things and sometimes they work.

@Jamie def try the smiling thing and let me know how it goes. Scientific evidence says it should help! :)

@Peggy yup, chair was thrifted. We found it at a garage sale for $25. I made a quick and dirty new zippered seat covers, but I'm still looking for the right fabric to eventually cover it in. We also see these chairs pop up on craigslist, but normally for more $$.

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