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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Channeling Joyce Ramsay OOTD

Ok, only one part of this outfit channels Joyce Ramsay (character in Mad Men), and it's not this part.

I'm wearing purple this week in recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

I am decently surprised by how many purple things I have in my closet. It's by no means a large color player up in my wardrobe, but there are still more items than I expected. The funny thing is that you'd think I'd notice since I organize my closet and drawers (including socks!) by color.

Sorting by color and stacking my tees/tanks back-to-front in the drawers rather than bottom-to-top has seriously made getting dressed a lot easier. It's SO easy to find things, and choose a color palette in the mornings. Have y'all come up with any clothes/accessories organization tips that have made your life easier?

Evan doesn't like this blazer because he says it's too boxy. I bought it anyway, and I immediately thought of Joyce Ramsay because of the two front pockets. If you know the character, you'll know she has this affected way of sticking her arms out like a bird when her hands are stuffed down the front pockets of her blazer.

OOTD Specs
Martin & Osa silk tie-neck cream button-up blouse sz 12
Ralph Lauren Sport purple cable sweater sz M ($15)
Marc Jacobs Khaki pants sz 4 (thrifted $8)
Vintage John Weitz wool houndstooth blazer (thrifted $6.50)
Tommy Hilfiger Penny Loafers ($10 sale)
Yellow argyle socks (3 for $2)

Man, there's a shower curtain on sale at Urban Outfitters that I really want for my downstairs bathroom, but I don't want to pay the $10 shipping. I tried to see if I could put together $130 of xmas gifts to get to the $150 minimum for free shipping, but I just wasn't having it.

I've been too disappointed with the quality of some of the clothes I've gotten there in the past. AND, for some reason the website kept 'forgetting' what I had in my cart. That drove me bonkers. Does that happen with anyone else on UO's site? I finally gave up. I don't need that shower curtain that badly.

Where do y'all do most of your xmas shopping? I'm trying to keep my eyes peeled, and I just added the camelizer back to my Firefox so I can track Amazon price histories so I can grab some good deals. If you haven't used it before, it's this great add-on that lets you see how the price of the item you're looking at on or has fluctuated over the past few months.


Cindi said...

Another great purple outfit, Lori! I can't thank you enough for helping me raise awareness for Pancan. You look so lovely in that color. :)

Thanks for the tip on the price tracker. I have never heard of that before. Too bad about the shower curtain though. Hopefully you find something just as nice.

Matt said...

Fantastic outfit!! I love the jacket and the tie-neck top is great! Ooh the camelizer is the last thing I need!! It will destroy my budget!! I will just pretend you didn't link to that! ;) (oh, well, okay, but I might bookmark it... just in case...). That's a bummer about the shower curtain, and its really frustrating when sites forget shopping carts a lot! They're losing money, I almost always "shop" my final orders from my cart! :)

vintageglam1234 said...

I love mad men fashion and you've done it well Lori!
You're very good that you sortyour clothing items out by colour. I have to rammage in my drawers each morning to find a suitable top/skirt!
I have never ordered anything online from UO. Their stuff is a bit random i think?
Also, i don't do my xmas shopping online...i head straight to the department stores or target, or whichever store has sales :-) two dollar shops are great for getting gifts for colleagues that don't classify as "friends" :-)

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Love the bright purple and the little tie on the blouse. And I think it's great that you're participating in Cindi's challenge. I have also been incorporating some purple into my wardrobe and will be posting soon.

I am feeling stumped about Christmas shopping this year. Sigh...where to look? Everyone says they don't want anything...

Melissa said...

I don't think it's too boxy at all, but you could try belting it to see if that helps.

I didn't realize this was Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. That's great to know - how awesome that you're participating in a challenge to raise awareness!

I've never shopped at UO but I've had that happen (with the shopping cart) on other sites and it's SO frustrating!

I'm going to try to do most of my Christmas shopping on this year. From the comfort of my own home. Let's see if I can actually do it, now.

Debbie said...

I love the bow peaking out! Very cute!

Lori said...

@vintageglammz yeah, there style is very eclectic in an urban hipster-leaning way. The few items I've gotten from there have been somewhat disappointing in quality, so I'm always hesitant to spend $ there.

@Jamie if people told me that, then I might donate to a cause in their name, unless I thought of something awesome that I thought they didn't know they wanted/needed...

@Melissa I've definitely worked the online shopping this year. I don't think I've bought anything IRL at a real store. :)

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