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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Lo-fi photos Purpley OOTD :)

Don't forget to set your clocks back (if you're in the U.S. - if not, just ignore that)

Man, Evan just watched the first episode of AMC's Walking Dead. I have been doing data analysis. I kept hoping that my data would distract me from the suspense and anxiety of the show. It was some of the most stressful data analysis ever, lol. I am a complete wimp with horror flicks and anything suspenseful/scary/dark/creepy/slasher. I get completely caught up in being scared, and my mind starts elaborating on the horrifying things - making them MORE HORRIFYING...and then I can't sleep.

Saturday OOTD

Guess where this pic was taken? It's Anthropologie in the UVillage! They've got it all decked out for the holidays already (see the fake icicles hanging off the roof of the quaint shack in the middle of Anthro?) How did I end up at Anthro on a Saturday night?

In addition to the antibiotics, the doctor had me taking 12-hour Sudafed to help reduce my sinus pressure. But, I'd been feeling SO much better (Thurs, Fri), that I thought maybe I didn't need to take Sudafed anymore. So last night I didn't. And this morning I paid for it and spent most of the day home sick. Because I took the last dose of Sudafed I had today, we had to go out to find a pharmacy to buy more. But by the time we went out all the pharmacists had left the various drugstores in our area (we went to Walgreens, Pharmaca, and Safeway). Evan called and found out Bartell's in UVillage has a pharmacy open till 8pm. HOORAY!

Since I wanted to take a purple outfit pic for Cindi to increase awareness of pancreatic cancer, I asked Evan to take a couple pics of me at Anthro after grabbing my meds (and a jacket I eyeballed at H&M). I actually did no shopping or browsing at Anthro. I just stood in the hut and sat on their beautiful couch while Evan snapped a couple pics and an SA looked at us like we were a bit crazy :)

Nothing to see here, just a style blogger getting her OOTD on!

Saturday OOTD Specs
Kensie Pretty cowl sweater dress sz S
(thrifted $5)
H&M black 3/4 sleeve shirt sz 8 ($8)
H&M black leggings sz 6 ($10)
Kelsi Dagger black beaded flats ($30)
Adidas black skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents)
H&M faux pearl strand necklace ($5)

Friday OOTD

I actually didn't have time to take outfit pics on Friday. With the shortened daylight hours and my early morning meetings, there was no time. I DID however snap a pic on my point and shoot to see if I looked ok, before running out the door. I feel like Cher from Clueless, but after style blogging, "I don't trust mirrors." I snap a pic to see if my outfit is ok.

I wasn't going to post this, since I have no feet and the lighting blows. But because I never got to take pics on Friday, and in the effort of full disclosure, here's my Friday outfit:

Please ignore the laundry basket in the background. Things kinda piled up when I was sick, and y'all weren't supposed to see this photo!

I'm ambivalent about this jacket. It was NWT on ebay, and listed as being made out of leather. But when I got it, it was clear from the tag that this was not leather. Evan handled all the ebay discussion with the seller (because I was sick), but she ended up sending me a $25 iTunes gc for the misunderstanding. So technically, I got a jacket that was NWT and originally cost $130, for $20. I'm sure y'all will see more shots of the jacket in future posts.

Here's the product shot:

Bebe Mini Studded Shrunken Moto Jacket
Dang. The model is totally showing me up. :) lol, btw this is the first Bebe thing I've owned. I haven't even been into one of their stores since I was in high school. I had to look up what size I'd be! I feel like such a teenager!

Btw, I wore converse because I was still scared about rupturing a tendon - I still am. I'm contemplating not exercising or wearing heels for 6 mos. We'll see how that goes. HA!

Friday OOTD
Express Design Studio white button up shirt sz XS
(thrifted $6)
Rubbish lime green sweater sz S (thrifted $4)
Bebe Mini Studded Shrunken Moto Jacket sz XS (NWT Ebay $20)
Lucky Brand jeans size 4 (thrifted $8)
Converse (sale $15)


vintageglam1234 said...

Hehehe...Lori, that model has been touched up using photoshop, whereas your photo is completely real! I think you look great in the Bebe jacket.
Love the photos of you in Anthro, your purple outfit is really cool!
I'm not that brilliant when it comes to horrow films either. Whenever i watch one, i get paranoid!

shelia said...

hey lori--what a great blog! i enjoy the mix of thrifting, fashion, photog and even a little bit of politics. will be sure to visit often!

TaraMixandMatch said...

My husband watched The Walking Dead the other day also....I watched the very end with him, and found it quite distubing haha...that kind of stuff is not really my thing! You look adorable as always!

Matt said...

Great outfits, all of them!! I LOVE that sweater dress! Hah, "I don't trust mirrors"! Great deal on that cute jacket too! And wow... those antibiotics are intense. I used to watch a lot more horror, but I've started having trouble being able to sleep after watching them, but we did catch Walking Dead. I can still deal with zombies! ;)

erica said...

You look amazing in purple!!!!


Jess said...

Ohh nice jacket, I am glad you got a great deal on it too! Did you like walking dead a bit? I watched it the other day, and I will watch it again, but I like zombie movies/shows. Fiance does not though, he just makes fun of me. I love the purple outfit + photos, very cute :D

Lori said...

Thanks everyone! :)

@Jess I did like walking dead a bit. I always am heavily intrigued by horror and jump fright type of shoes, but I am usually unable to reign in my imagination afterwards, and I end up scaring myself!

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