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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talk actually went ok

So we did have that whole last session of the day problem where there wasn't a lot of people there. But people who were there seemed to like the research! There was ten min of Q&A when I should have only done 5 min (one of the other presenters had to put his watch in front of me as a signal. Oops!). And a friend told me when she went out to dinner with people from another school, someone was talking about how cool my research was! Someone actually walked away and thought it was interesting enough to remember and to share. Wow. Neat.

Pic is me after the talk. Don't worry. I wore a sweater. I just got really warm. In fact, I was so nervous I think I forgot to breathe. A talk that took 25 min when practicing ended up taking only 17min during the actual event. Extra oops.


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