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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dinner last nite at June

We went to dinner last nite at June with Sean and Janera. The neighborhood joint was packed (crazy for a Tuesday night, but I'm so glad it's doing well). The family style dinner was awesome. I've never had an octopus salad quite like that. But poor Janera didn't want to eat the parts of the octopus that still looked like - octopus. Umm yah. That doesn't hold me back. More for me!!!

In other news, our backyard landscaping starts today!! I did a walk through with the landscaper yesterday. Later I tried to salvage a bunch of wild strawberry plants that I planted when we moved in. They spread like crazy!! I think I replanted about forty strawberry plants and I only got about an eighth of the section. They're called a coastal strawberry. Right now they are covered in tiny crazy sweet berries. I kept poppin em in my mouth as I dug up plants. Ev thinks they are too sweet "tastes like koolaid." hopefully I got enough transplanted into pots and our raised bed that I can reestablish them after the hill gets pushed back.


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