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Thursday, July 22, 2010

farm life

Last weekend, I got to lift up a hen and take her egg on Orcas Island. My friend Oliver was staying at Once in a Blue Moon farm for the weekend. Since it was only 4 minutes from the bed and breakfast I was staying at, I headed over on Saturday morning to look at the alpacas, llama, sheep, horses, and many many feathered friends. During my visit, we went to the hen house with the farm's owner Shawna. Shawna told me to go ahead and lift up a chicken to collect her egg.

Very odd to lift a chicken - a live chicken that squawks at you when you lift it (because of course I'd be irritated too if I were sitting around only to be tilted on my side). The chicken oddly stayed in a 'sitting' position as I lifted it - like I was tilting a box lid open. And the egg was sooooo WARM! pretty fun.

I totes want chickens someday.

Here's Ev and me on pretty Orcas Island:

We came here for our friends' wedding. The location was just breathtaking! It was way up on a hill with a view of water all around. You could actually see into Canadian waters!

I got a chance to wear Anthropologie's Oroya Dress by Eva Franco (sz 0, $100 on sale)

and a last pic from the rehearsal dinner. I just think I look really sassy in this pic, haha


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