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Thursday, July 01, 2010

dinner with friends and an OOTD

From lorispeak

Went out to dinner with my dear friends Oliver and Jenna the other night. Jenna is getting married this year out at Orcas Island. It's so exciting! I also can't wait to see her in her wedding dress. We had this joke a few years ago, where my friend and I tried to imagine what kind of wedding dress she would wear. We figured it wouldn't be white and traditionally poofy, but it would be awesome and cool designer-y, so we picked one out on for her and sent it to her. I believe her boyfriend (now fiance) was like, 'what the heck did you tell them to make them think about looking for a wedding dress for you??!!' LOL. We're such trouble-makers

The food looks good, no? It's from a little french place called Cafe Presse in Capitol Hill (owned by the same people that run Le Pichet in Belltown). But sadness! Everything was soooo salty! I had to downgrade my yelp review to TWO stars! and I felt like I had to drink a gallon of water!

Last pic is an outfit of the day (OOTD) from that evening

green Caslon cardi
pink Climbing Cowlneck shirt from Anthropologie
grey Banana Republic pants
Franco Sarto boots
two vintage thrifted necklaces twirled together into one :)


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