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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I picked up about 20 skeins of yarn yesterday at st vincent de paul for $1 each. half the skeins were 50%mohair, 50%acrylic, and the other half of the lot are 100% wool.

I started knitting with them immediately, only to find I have a horrible allergic reaction to them! I think that they may just be quite dusty? or something? Will washing them help? I think when i get a chance I'm going to unwind a couple skeins and give them a good wash with some shampoo... Any other ideas would be much appreciated :)


Toni said...

Yikes. They might have been stored with mothballs which is some nasty, permanent stuff. I've heard that leaving the yarn exposed to direct sunlight reduces that but who knows what effect it would have on the yarn. Washing it is a great idea but be careful--you might want to wear a dust mask and gloves.

spinnity said...

stitchingirl has a good point. I don't think you need to "expose" the yarn long enough to fade it. Even a good airing, like draped over hangars or something would probably reduce the effect of mothballs.

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