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Thursday, August 04, 2005

birthday thank yous!

Yes, today, I've officially become a year older. Honestly, I have been blessed to have good friends and family, a somewhat steady job, good health, and I only hope that the next year is just as good!

I want to especially thank Angela
for the cutest birthday ecard! I'm such a sucker for cute little animals!

And thank you also Katie
for the beautiful butterfly stitch markers and lovely birthday card! I
was super excited to get that in the mail! This is how your card arrived (it's the one on the right). I'm so very very glad you taped the ribbon to the card on the inside so that the stitch markers didn't slip out! Although I have to admit, it was pretty fun having those dangling out to tease me when I got my mail!

The card on the left is from my good friend hilary who actually thought to give me something before she took off from work early this week (she's getting married this Saturday!). I'm very impressed that with all the work going on, plus this close to her wedding, she managed to think of me!

I have to mention that I was also ecstatic to get a happy birthday email from my friend Marlow in China! I haven't seen her in ages, but not only did she remember my birthday (and get the timing down right from across the globe), but she had to actively search out my current email address to send me the message! I'm not sure if you follow my bloggy shmarlow, but if so, I just wanted to let you know I was really touched to hear from you today!

One more thank you, then I promise I'll get on to something fibery! Thanks Minger for the new Fruits book! Man, you hit me right on the money this time! I love me some Fruitsy outfits. I just need to grab some ideas from the book before I go to Target this afternoon, so I can make people think I'm crazy again! :)

me being all birthday girl with my family last weekend

spinning and carding

these are the brand new full sized wool Ashford Handcarders I picked up at Lambtown last weekend. Ervy picked me up some Tung oil to finish them in (and I nearly killed us with the toxic fumes as I sat there finishing them in front of the tv... *sorry honey!*).

Anyhoosit, I pulled out the border cheviot fleece I bought and washed months ago (it had a lot of vm, so it was insane to try to pick it all out by hand) and carded it up with a bit of corriendale I had dyed. The cards got ALOT of the vm out. I ended up with lots of bits of grass all over my pants and carpet by the end of things! *I guess that's more incentive to vacuum*!

I made a bunch of these little "nests" of fiber:

You'll notice that the fibers are not completely parallel to each other (like they are when I buy some of my more expensive processed fiber). The fiber is organized, but not parallel, which should lead to a more woollen yarn (said the nice lady who taught me how to card). The yarn itself will then be lighter and warmer!

here's a poor picture of what it's coming out like on Wally. It's a very light peachy sherbety yarn. I haven't quite decided what to do with it yet... I might make a bunch of it and make a shrug like the one skein wonder....


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Where around here do you actually get roving? Do you just get it online, or is there one particular place you're frequenting? Rug Hut down here in Campbell has some stuff, but they're the only ones I know down here that DO.

Abigail said...

Happy Birthday!

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