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Thursday, August 25, 2005

as much for myself to remember

Yesterday on npr, they played a bit of music from Don Juan Dracula - a band that appears from their website to not currently have distibution in the US yet....

here's a cute video with one of their songs

Evvie thinks they sound "generic" but he enjoys them too. I like 'em. It also sounds like good car riding music. There are a couple song downloads on their site tho to tide me over until the release...


Anonymous said...

Lori! I just got home and found out you were my secret pal (you seriously outdid yourself), I am fa-reaking out over the package and am about to dig my hands into the button knot maker! Re: Billy Bragg, the man can do no wrong. I'm off to go find a digi cam now so that I can get some pictures up, thank you for everything - you were super-stellar!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori!

We are not distribution-less anymore.
The Don Juan Dracula album called "Young Debutantes II" is now available to order in the states as well, through Hope you like it!

Henning Krane
Don Juan Dracula

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