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Thursday, April 07, 2005

worky worky

Man work has been running me full steam this week! Honestly, it's been exhausting, but the experiment we're putting together is finally coming into the runnable stage. And there's still so much I HAVE to get done for it this week.

Budget Living pointed me toward a police auction site. Much of it is stuff they have taken in busts or whatever (there are a TON of grow lights), and there's also stuff like parking meter heads and extra firemen hats. The funniest thing I found you could buy was a collection of 100 photos of Usher. They suggest building a shrine.

again, not much on the craftin' front given how busy I've been. I guess slightly knitting related, The Knitty Professor is having a contest on her blog to give away Addi Turbos. You must submit a haiku about Addis to her by the end of the month to enter.


we now return to the crazy times/drama on my street

On Monday we witnessed a car accident right outside our house. Actually almost our whole street saw it. It was around 6:30pm ish so it was still fairly light outside.

I was just sitting down to some salty prosciutto, soft stinky cheese from Whole Foods in the cutest ceramic dish, and stale bread to tide me over to dinner (mmm.....). Suddenly I heard an engine revving and tearing around near by. An old 80's red crap car turned at high speed from an adjoining street onto our street (probably had to be going at least 50mph) which of course he couldn't control through the turn and rammed straight into a parked car (still full of people mind you) in front of my house. The red car's crazy driver reversed quickly showing a hood bent back up to his windsheild and a smoking engine. Luckily the parked car was an SUV so really it's bumper and license plate got a bit bent.

The crazy driver's passenger tried to get out of the car, but he started speeding off (apparently almost hitting Evan who had just parked his car further down the street) and the girl finally jumped out of the moving car at the end of the street while Mr. Crazy sped off. Actually there were quite a few young onlookers (as well as an old man who stumbled out of his house in his tighty whities to see the commotion). There was a young dude across the street sitting in his car during the whole engagement. A bunch of people on the street who had started yelling at Mr. Crazy, now shouted orders at Mr. Dude armed at his car to follow him in chase (Mr. Dude later reported that Mr. Crazy tried to run into him as he followed him around. Mr. Crazy apparently departed via the freeway, bent hood/obscured vision and all).

The rest of the episode goes as follows, shortened due to its less exciting nature. Street people all get on the cell phones (Mr. Mostly Naked goes back in his house thank goodness). Girl from Mr. Crazy's car sits crying on the street relating her story to those around her. Three police cars show up on our already crowded street (two blonde lady officers and one male officer who question everyone and then explain that they can't arrest the guy for some reason ervy and I failed to be able to hear through our window. Something like it wouldn't even make it to something or other courts which I assume must be the smallest most trifling courts). The police seem generally in a good mood. As far as accidents go, this one was an easy one for the coppers. No one got hurt, property damage was mostly affecting Mr. Crazy's own car, the girl from the car stayed behind so they knew the name of Mr. Crazy and his type of car and everything. The coppers were smiling and joking around by the time ervy and I closed our windows and window shades to start making dinner.

until next time on.... the crazy times/drama on our street.


Abigail said...

Scary! Sounds like no one was seriously injured though? So that's good!

SergtPeppa said...

Man, that does sound insane. It's good that they have a way of tracking him down though.

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