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Monday, April 18, 2005

la la la

It's been so pretty out! Over the weekend I was able to get a few yarns made and visited 3 different nurseries to look at plants and pick up some stuff for the balcony garden. 3 of my tomato trees appear to have a prime spot and shot up a whole foot last week. The others are coming along a bit slower, but still happy. I think I want to get a Moro (blood) orange tree or a Bearss Seedless lime tree to add to my citrus collection. I tried to convince ervy that he wanted me to grow an arbol chile pepper plant, but he resisted saying I have too many plants already :( Maybe next summer.

None of the nurseries had any scented geraniums yet. Apparently all that rain we had just a bit back did something to make the nurseries not receive any from their suppliers. Summer Winds said they had found one rose scented geranium (my favorite kind), but they had sold it just a minute before.

I ate a bay leaf (grecian laurel) at Wegman's Nursery. The dude there told me to eat one, and he stuck one in his mouth and started chewing. I was a bit reluctant (it seemed an odd thing to do, plus the plant was covered in spider webs), but it was nice and spicy. I have a hard time saying 'no' to people. There was a similar incident at Petco a couple years back regarding some dog treats and a crazy petco salesman. When will I learn to say 'no'?

People always expect my last name to be longer than 2 letters. The Wegman's guy was taking down my name and number to see if they could order me a small 1 or 2 gallon grecian laurel, and he was quite suprised that my last name ended so quickly. "Oh, you got one of those short Chinese names," he exclamed, and he then went on to tell me about a Chinese guy with an even shorter last name: 'I'. Today, I couldn't even fill out an online researcher's form because it claimed my name was too short. I'm now a researcher with the last name "Wuster" which digs up old childhood memories for me, and is apparently more acceptable to the online system.

I had wanted to go fishing over the weekend, but it seems all the lake type fishing spots are in the east bay :( My dad even brought me fishing poles and supplies! Oh well, guess I'll have to head home sometime and go fishing with the family.

I spun up these three yarns this weekend:

I still need to wash, set, and balance them. The red bits are pieces of extra yarn used to keep the hanks from tangling in their current state.

My favorites are the purple and peachy colored ones. They're so fluffy!!! The curls are the cotswold locks I washed and dyed myself. The chocolate color is llama fiber, the white is soft corriendale wool, and both yarns are bound with a pretty variegated mercenerized (sp?) cotton thread.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

your yarn always leaves me breathless.. i am so lucky to have won some! ...

sounds like you had a great weekend.. those citrus trees sound wonderful..

--Deb said...

It's ridiculous that he insisted that your name was too short! Haven't heard anything like that since those immigration stories, about US officials declaring some names too long and abruptly shortening them to make them more "American." Sheesh!

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