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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I've been waiting for this movie for awhile now. I'm so happy it's coming out this year somewhat on time :)

Trailers - Serenity

if you haven't netflixed or rented or seen or heard of the series Firefly by Joss Whedon... well now you have. So you don't have any excuse...

When you're done oohing over the trailer for the movie that I could only wish would bring back the series, go look at this. It's survivor in blogger form. I think it will be quite cool. Competitors are given topics they must blog about, and are voted off each week.

on experiments
I had to tell some one they might be colorblind. Actually, I first had to ask if he might be colorblind. I was running a subject on an emotional stroop (has to name the color of the words), and it became quite obvious that he couldn't tell the difference between green and yellow! So I needed to find out if he had a color definciency so we could throw out his data. But he didn't know/think he was at all colorblind. *yikes* I felt really weird having to tell him he might have a problem.

on knitting
so y'all haven't seen me knitting on here for a while, but I have gotten 20 minutes in every morning faithfully as I wait for my bus. I'm working on finishing the right glove of my Mikado Ribbon Gloves (of course I'm using a random Israeli yarn and not Mikado Ribbon). Some day I will finish it and y'all will see it here :)


Anonymous said...

Tough spot, the potential color blind thing. How did he take it?

I thought about you this morning as my husband and I considered getting another cat. How are your kitties getting along? Are they happier being together?

Moze said...

Random Israeli yarn? Such as? Random Israeli yarn is much easier for me to procure than Mikado.

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